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After a long drought in China’s oil prices ended in a “drizzle”, the National Development and Reform Commission decided to reduce domestic refined oil prices from midnight on July 29, reducing gasoline and diesel by 220 yuan per ton, equivalent to a decrease of 0.16 yuan and 0.19 yuan per liter for gasoline and diesel respectively. yuan. However, this "good news" did not make many private owners happy. "So many have risen so far, but now even the two cents are falling!" Mr. Wang, who came to cheer, complained.

"The low oil prices did not count on the fact that fuel-efficient vehicles are the absolute principle." With the enhancement of people's fuel-saving concept, diesel vehicles with higher fuel economy have once again attracted people's attention.

Diesel power warms up in reason

Due to the restrictions imposed by China's gasoline-fired diesel industry, none of the Chinese vehicle manufacturers dare to develop diesel cars as aggressively as in Europe. Many Chinese diesel engine companies did not dare to expand their production capacity too much at the time, even though they were optimistic about the efficiency of diesel engines.

At the 2008 International Symposium on Advanced Diesel Engine Technology hosted by CAE-CHINA, many experts at home and abroad highly agreed that diesel engines are a good combination of performance improvement and environmental protection. For example, turbocharged diesel engines can achieve 35% fuel savings for bicycles. And the torque increases by about 50%. For China, a large consumer of automobiles with an annual output of 10 million cars (two-thirds of passenger cars), advanced diesel engine technology means that if the diesel rate of automobiles reaches 50%, China will save 4.3 million yuan annually. Ton of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5.2 million tons.

In the days when the passion for green power of the car continues to burn and continue, the Chinese automobile industry eventually agreed that: hydrogen energy vehicles and electric vehicles are too far away, and hybrid power is not yet mature. So, what kind of green power is the driving force for China's autos in the next 10 years?

The answer is high-efficiency gas and diesel engines, especially the latter.

Not long ago, the domestic two largest small-displacement clean diesel engine manufacturers in the diesel market were enthusiastic. Futian Cummins and Inner Mongolia Euro-Europe Engine Company also released news of their mass production and trial production success. It is setting off a new wave of diesel engine market.

Fukang: light firewood first note

As of September 16, 2005, Xi'an Cummins signed the contract on that day. Futian general manager Wang Jinyu has already taken the Foton Power team to start the world search for power for nearly six months. Finally in October 2006, one year later, Fukuda welcomed Cummins, the bride of choice.

For both partners, the cooperation is called the Century in China - more than 2.7 billion yuan investment, and the final 400,000 units of production capacity, 2.8L, 3.8L Euro IV light-duty diesel engine with European V potential, everything is extremely shocking and It stimulated the nerves of China's hard-won engine companies that passed the Euro III threshold.

The hands of Futian and Cummins caused great repercussions at that time and even in the world. It was the largest investment project of light diesel engines in China at that time.

Ou Yide: Infighting and another shot

Like Foton Motors, Inner Mongolia Euro-Italian Engine Co., Ltd., which began three years ago, began planning the layout of light-duty diesel engines. However, Euro-Italy aims at passenger car diesel engines.

In terms of investment scale, Euro-Italy invested 5 billion yuan to create the highest record of domestic single-engined project investment. From the technical level, the four models produced by Euro-Italy meet Euro IV and Euro V emissions. It is one of the few domestic products with the highest diesel engine emission class. From the perspective of production lines and production equipment, Euro-Idea has a total of 1,200 different types of equipment, including production lines from 11 countries including Italy, Germany, Japan, and the United States. It has five engine parts machining production lines, two engine assembly lines, one engine hot test line, one gearbox assembly line, and one gearbox machine plus production line. The degree of automation is as high as 97%.

Compared with the high-profile of Fukang, the Euro-Italian move was not widely known until the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show exhibited a full range of 1.5L to 3.0L engines with the Euro V emission standard.

Since then, China's future diesel engine power structure has become increasingly clear.

Light-duty diesel engine: the duo divided into the world

Comparing factors such as investment scale, capacity planning and development model, in the field of small-displacement diesel engines, domestic Cummins Futian Cummins and Ou Yide are the largest competitors and collaborators.

The Euro-Italian Engine Assembly Project and the Foton Cummins Light-Diesel Engine Investment Project are the two largest projects in domestic engine assembly investment in recent years. The final production capacity of the two companies exceeds 400,000 units. The final production capacity of Euro-Italy even reaches an astonishing 1 million units. Unlike Foton Cummins, in addition to the engine, Eurochart also has an automatic gearbox that is almost 1:1 to the engine.

Judging from the market competition, the competition between Euro-Ideland and Foton Cummins is not large. The overlapped product range between the two parties is only 2.8L. Euro-Italy focuses on chambray, while Foton Cummins focuses on light-duty commercial vehicles. The two parties, like their collaborators, have outnumbered their rivals to share the power market for cars and light commercial vehicles in the light diesel segment.

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