Dongfeng Nissan Six Wonders China's Nissan Global Market

Compared with General Motors and Volkswagen, the Nissan car that came late in 2003 was barely regarded as a "primary school graduate" in the Chinese market.

However, in only six years, Dongfeng Nissan became one of the most important passenger vehicle manufacturers in China, and made China one of Nissan's largest global market. Its growth experience is remarkable.

One step a year

The obsolete production line that had been introduced that year had been placed in Dongfeng Nissan's warehouse. Ren Yong, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan, began his second dream.

On July 29, Dongfeng Nissan and Nissan Motor Co. announced that they will invest 5 billion yuan to expand Dongfeng Nissan's new plant in Huadu, Guangzhou. The new plant is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in 2012 with a design capacity of 240,000 units. Together with the annual production capacity of 360,000 units in Huadu, Dongfeng Nissan’s production capacity in the Huadu area will increase to 600,000 units in one fell swoop, making it the largest automaker in southern China. base.

This day was just over 6 years after the establishment of Dongfeng Nissan. In the first half of 2009, the cumulative sales volume of Dongfeng Nissan exceeded 225,000 units. Compared with the 388,000 sales plans set at the beginning of the year, the completion ratio reached 58%, and it continued to be one of the fastest growing companies in the automotive industry with a year-on-year growth rate of 41.3%. .

In the past six years, Dongfeng Nissan has become accustomed to attracting industry attention at such a speed. In 2004, Dongfeng Nissan started its debut in the Chinese automobile market with an annual sales of 60,000 vehicles. Then in 2005, it created the industry's first annual growth rate of 157,000 units; followed by 200,000 vehicles and 280,000 vehicles. , 345,000 vehicles, Dongfeng Nissan step by step, a step a year.

As a joint venture with the largest scale, the deepest level, and the widest scope of the Chinese auto industry, Dongfeng Nissan sees its infinite potential.

In 2008, as the only company in the top ten cars to achieve its annual sales target, Dongfeng Nissan’s sales increased by as much as 30% year-on-year, far higher than the industry’s overall growth rate of less than 7%. More importantly, with the continued decline in automobile prices, sluggish auto market, and sharp increase in raw material costs, the growth rate of Dongfeng Nissan’s product profits even exceeded the growth rate of sales volume in 2008, ranking first in the industry.

Accounted for half of the Dongfeng Mountains

Among Dongfeng Motor’s passenger vehicle manufacturers, except Dongfeng Citroen’s joint venture project began operations in 1992, between 2002 and 2003, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda and Dongfeng Yueda Kia projects were launched. However, after six years, Dongfeng Nissan became the largest passenger car company in Dongfeng.

According to statistics, in 2008, the company owned by Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. sold 1,058,000 trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and passenger cars; of which, 727,000 were sold by passenger vehicles. Dongfeng Nissan's contribution to the Dongfeng passenger car segment is close to 50%.

In terms of technical cooperation and product introduction with foreign brands, Dongfeng Nissan has also become the passenger vehicle company with the most complete product structure in the Dongfeng Motor Group. At present, Dongfeng Nissan has 8 models with seven major brands. In addition to the mini-vehicle and business MPV market, it has basically covered the major domestic automotive market segments.

Not only is Dongfeng Nissan a significant player, but Dongfeng Nissan is also the focus of Nissan’s global presence. The latest evidence is that Nissan not only quickly decided to expand its investment in Dongfeng Nissan, but also intended to introduce almost all passenger car products into Dongfeng Nissan.

In June 2009, Nissan’s sales in the United States and Japan fell by 23% and 20.8%, respectively. Although in the Brazilian market Nissan’s growth rate was as high as 130%, sales were only equivalent to Dongfeng Nissan’s one week level, only 9770. Vehicle.

Compared to absolute sales and growth, Dongfeng Nissan is gradually becoming Nissan's most important global production base. According to data from Nissan China, in April and June, China has twice replaced the United States, becoming the largest market for Nissan's global sales, and Dongfeng Nissan has contributed.

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