"Administrative Measures for Energy-saving Supervision of Special Equipment for High Energy Consumption" has been announced

In order to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of special equipment, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has recently issued the “Administrative Measures on the Supervision of Energy-saving Special Equipment for High Energy Consumption”.
Up to now, a total of 9,672 industrial boilers have been upgraded, 106,000 industrial boilers have been treated for water treatment, and 215,000 boiler workers have been trained in energy conservation. The task indicator for industrial boiler “three million” energy saving projects has been basically completed.
At the same time, 26 provinces, regions, and municipalities across the country have also formulated an annual energy saving work plan. Energy-consuming enterprises, quality supervision departments, and local governments have invested a total of 447.5 million yuan in energy conservation and work, and formulated 36 local laws and regulations for energy-saving special equipment and high energy consumption. Standards, completed the investigation of energy efficiency of 1,000 boiler manufacturers, conducted a sample survey of more than 100,000 industrial boilers in terms of energy efficiency, and conducted energy efficiency test evaluation services for 4003 industrial boilers in use.
In addition, the country also phased out 7,686 low-efficiency small boilers, established 840 pilot demonstrations for energy-saving work, and applied 1,361 new energy-saving technologies to explore a number of applications such as system renovation, sewage control, residual heat utilization, and water treatment compliance. , Condensate water recovery, central heating, combined heat and power, small boilers eliminated, energy-saving management standards, such as boiler house appraisal and other energy-saving methods.
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine also issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Implementation of Energy-Saving Special Equipment for High Energy Consumption in 2009" and requested the quality supervision departments at all levels to organize "four five" energy saving projects: that is, energy saving for 50,000 boiler rooms. Management compliance activities, over 50% industrial boilers (4 tons or more) water treatment standards, 5,000 energy conservation supervision and energy efficiency test personnel energy-saving knowledge training, promotion of more than 5 new energy-saving technologies, and strive to achieve high energy-consuming special equipment to achieve annual savings of 10 million Tons of target above standard coal.

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