Roof accident emergency disposal measures

Roof accident emergency disposal measures

(1) The mine production command center quickly understands the location, scope and casualties of the roof accident.

(2) The mine production command center will issue the evacuation instructions according to the disaster situation; notify the rescue team and the hospital; and report the mine-related leaders according to the accident report process, notify the team leaders, safety supervisors, and tile inspectors, and notify the wellhead to set up a warning.

(3) The monitoring and monitoring department analyzes the monitoring data and finds that the abnormality is reported in time.

(4) The emergency rescue headquarters actively researches and formulates the rescue plan according to the degree of damage of the ventilation system, roof fall and water inrush, and optimizes the rescue plan in time according to the development trend of the disaster situation.

(5) The ambulance team carries the relevant equipment into the well according to the rescue plan. Before entering the disaster area, the gas concentration must be checked first. The ambulance team enters, a small team is responsible for finding the distressed and injured people and actively organizes the rescue; the other team is responsible for supporting the roof and handling the falling meteorites to ensure that they will not fall again during the rescue process; the rescue team must be at any time during the rescue process. Report the disaster situation and rescue situation to the headquarters.

(6) When rescuing the wounded, it is necessary to judge the severity of the injury and deal with it according to the principle of “three firsts and threes”. In the rescue process, a special person must inspect and observe the roof condition, and strengthen the support to prevent the roof from falling.

(7) Supply emergency supplies and equipment needed for disaster relief.

(8) After the roof accident is eliminated, check the vicinity of the roof area and carry out targeted reinforcement to prevent secondary roof accidents.

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