Compilation of safety technical measures for coal mine production and excavation

Production excavation

Safety measures for working surface grinding

I. Overview of the working surface (with a schematic diagram of the working surface)

Second, the construction method

Tilt length

2. According to the actual situation, the adjustment ratio

Third, safety technical measures

1. Charge amount, blasthole depth

2. Anti-gas, CO and other harmful gases related content

3. Anti-drift chain, broken chain, etc.

4. Cannons to evacuate the post and post the contents of the post

5. Engineering quality and roof management requirements

Working face work, safety and technical measures for returning work

I. Safety technical measures for work face work

1. Before the work is completed, the team leader, the tile inspector and the safety inspector jointly enter the working face to inspect the coal wall, roof, support, gas, etc.

2. Switching power failure blocking, pipeline hanging and drainage requirements

3. Control the requirements of working face piece and empty top

4. Is the drainage facility complete and reliable?

Second, work surface safety and technical measures

1. Before returning to work, the team leader, the tile inspector and the safety inspector jointly entered the working face to inspect the coal wall, roof, support, gas, etc.

2. Whether the switch has no explosion, whether the pipeline is hung properly, whether the power supply, water supply, liquid supply and drainage system are working properly.

3. Test operation of transporter and shearer

4. Ensure the stability of power supply, water supply system and drainage system

5. Ensure the normal requirements of the hydraulic system

6. Control the requirements of working face patches and empty tops

7. Requirements for entering the class and asking for help

Gas control measures on the working face

I. Overview of the work surface

Second, introduce the working face gas situation

Third, safety technical measures

1. Windshield wind barrier hanging requirements

2. Probe suspension position and precautions

3. Precautions when shacking

4. Number of explosives and distance required for drawing

5. According to the requirements of the drainage pipe required by the ventilation department

6. Requirements for protective walls on coal and other materials

Working face over-slope safety technical measures

1. Briefly describe the relative relationship between the status of the structural belt and the working surface.

Second, the method

1. How to pass the rock when it is not hard; how to pass it when it is hard

2. When shooting is required, safety measures for shooting can be made and a blasting chart is attached.

3. Rock breaking thickness and bottom coal loss (with sectional view)

Third, safety technical measures

1. The hidden danger notice under the local survey department

2. Gas and other harmful gases

3. Advance reinforcement materials, reinforcement methods and anti-chip help, roofing regulations

4. How to strengthen coal quality management

5. Prevent transport chain drifting

Technical measures for prevention and control of water in working face

First, the basic situation of the work surface

Second, a brief introduction to the easy water outlet area and approximate water output

Third, safety technical measures

1. The local survey department issues a hidden danger notice

2. Formulate requirements for water exploration and protective measures (three views of the arrangement of the exploration holes)

3. Drainage equipment and requirements

4. Disaster avoidance route and drawings

Safety measures for working face over old lanes

I. Introduce the relationship between the working surface and the old lane (schematic diagram of the attached section)

Second, a brief description of the old lane method

Push over

2. Oblique (specified oblique angle)

Third, safety technical measures

1. The ground survey department issues the hidden danger notice content

2. Explore the arrangement, quantity, depth and orientation (with three views)

3. Defining the minimum coal pillar distance

4. Waterproof, anti-gas, CO and other harmful gases related content

5. Advance reinforcement materials, reinforcement methods, anti-chip help, roof fall, etc.

6. Post-harvest grouting (water) to prevent fire

7. Drainage equipment and requirements

8. Provisions for opening and closing, grouting and fire prevention work in front of the old alley, and reinforcement of old roads

Working face safety technology measures

First, the positional relationship between the working surface and the fault (with a flat section)

Second, the construction method

1. Rock breaking thickness, rock breaking length

2. Rock breaking method, it is required to specify the firing requirements when shooting

3. Special requirements for support during fault crossing

4. Lost top coal situation

Third, safety technical measures

1. The geology department releases the notice content

2. Passing fault height regulation

3. Pump station pressure and bracket maintenance regulations

4. Control top and bottom support measures

5. Measures to ensure coal quality

Safety measures for initial release of working face

First, the initial mining measures for the fully mechanized caving face

(1) Preparation before the initial mining

1. Various materials, models, types, quantities and storage locations. Recycling of used materials and equipment.

2. Inspection and commissioning regulations for equipment, brackets, hydraulic systems, power supply, water supply, grouting, transportation systems, monitoring and control systems, and anti-burst facilities.

3. Construction method and size of artificial gaps (excluding self-production gaps)

4. Provisions for sheds and advance support

(1) Way of end support

(2) Ways and materials for the shed

(3) Advanced reinforcement support methods and materials

(2) Initial mining

1. Coal cutter feeding method

2. Removal of coal wall support

3. Ways to adjust the bracket and transporter

4. The time and length of the shearing net on the side of the goaf, and the step and method of placing (top) coal

5. Time and method of pre-cracking blast (when the top coal falls badly)

6. Pre-emptive top processing content, shifting precautions

7. Monitoring of ventilation system and harmful gases such as CH4 and C0 at initial mining

(3) Organizational measures

1. Leading team leading the production mine leader

2. Organize and improve the normal operation of each system

3. Determine the step size of the initial pressure on the working face and the requirement to prevent roof fall

Second, the initial release measures of the cannoning face

(1) Preparation before the initial mining

1. Type, type, quantity and storage location of various supporting materials

2. The working order and the way and place of recycling old materials

3. Good inspection of power supply, water supply, transportation, hydraulic and grouting systems

4. Supporting methods and specifications for upper and lower safety ports

5. Materials and methods for upper and lower sloping sheds, length and advanced reinforcement support

(2) Initial mining measures

1. Initial shotgun blasthole arrangement and charge requirements

2. The first step of coal mining step

3. Provisions for networking and the original cut-off network edge

4. Moving column truss sequence

5. Single column anti-fall anti-skid regulations

6. Shift transport order and requirements

(3) Initial measures

1. Initial release time, position of coal caving port, method of coal caving and amount of coal

2. After the coal is released, the coal sealing method and material are closed.

3. Observation and maintenance of the bracket before coal dumping, coal caving, and coal caving

4. CH4 management when coal is released

(4) Forced ceiling measures

1. Arrangement of blastholes: spacing, depth and orientation, three views

2. Explosive type, model, detonator type, foot line length

3. Charge method, quantity and sealing of blasthole material

4. Detonation length, eye count and blasting effect test

5. Pre-eye, post-charge, pre-detonation check bracket, CH4 regulations

6. Large coal processing regulations

7. Provisions for strengthening the support form (butt lifting shed or reinforcing column) before the initial pressure on the working face

Work surface prevention film and roof treatment safety technical measures

First, the basic situation face, the face surface including a weak gradient, where coal and slate top and bottom of the coal seam joint fracture broken belt and geological distribution factors Coal Wall at Face impact.

Second, the prevention of work surface film measures

1. Determination of the height of the working face

2. Coal wall beam end height and beam end distance regulation

3. Supporting regulations for broken roof

4. Provisions for guaranteeing the initial support and working resistance of the bracket

5. Working surface support measures and requirements for supporting materials

Third, the top treatment

1. Briefly describe the location, extent, and fall of the roof, and describe the surrounding support and roof conditions.

2. According to the specific conditions of the roof area, develop a reasonable treatment plan and construction process

3. Calculate the type, quantity and location of the required materials, etc.

4. Organizational measures (such as the district captain to follow the class, on-site command, arrange for experienced people to watch the top, etc.)

Fourth, security technical measures

Safety measures for static pressure water injection on working face

I. Overview of the working surface and the purpose of static pressure water injection

Second, safety technical measures

1. Requirements for water injection eye distance, eye drilling tools, sealing materials, etc.

2. The number, depth and angular orientation of the water injection eye

3. Water injection time

4. Water injection pressure

5. Water injection effect

Safety technical measures for roof management

First, the work surface overview, including the situation of the top and bottom plates

Second, the working face support equipment model and main technical parameters

1. Equipment model

2. The main technical parameters of the equipment

3. Emulsion pump

4. Maximum height, minimum height, center distance, moving frame (step), initial support force, working resistance, supply pressure, and number of supports

Third, the work surface support strength calculation and verification

Fourth, the work surface roof management

1. Schematic diagram of the work surface bracket layout

2. Description of the arrangement and spacing of the bracket

3. Maximum and minimum control top and top step

4. Bracket specification quality requirements

5. Prevention and treatment measures for work face help and roof accidents

6. The materials and quantity that must be reserved for the work surface

V. Safety exit and end management on the work surface

Support means

2. Support method

3. Relevant regulations on safe export and end management of work surface

Sixth, safety technical measures

1. The mining must be carried out in strict accordance with the design height, and the top and bottom plates must be cut and straightened.

2. The working face must strengthen the roof management, and timely move with the machine

3. When the working face piece is serious, the front frame is moved ahead, and the beam end distance is still exceeding the regulation after the frame is moved. The roof plate maintenance must be adopted to strengthen the roof plate maintenance (using φ16cm×2m round wood with DZ2.5 single beam and two beams) Column support).

VII. The upper and lower Slotted Beams must be repaired in time and the broken beams should be replaced in time to ensure the ventilation section of the roadway.

Eight, organizational measures

1. Established a roof management team led by the production mine manager

2. Organize and improve the normal operation of each system

Work surface support change safety technical measures

First, the basic situation of the work surface

Second, the reasons for the change of the work surface support

Third, briefly introduce new ways of support and their advantages and disadvantages

1. Support strength calculation

2. Method steps for new support and old support removal

Fourth, security technical measures

1. Precautions when changing the shed

2. Provisions for shed distance and column spacing

3. Single column initial support force requirements

4. Safety measures for beams and columns or brackets entering and leaving the work surface

Safety technical measures for retaining roadway along working face

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