What is the heat flow pattern in the drying oven?

What is the heat flow pattern in the drying oven?

Answer: There are two main types of hot air flow in the drying oven:

(1) Natural convection. The natural circulation convection of hot and cold air is used to make the temperature inside the box uniform. After the electric furnace wire is energized, the heat is released, the air at the bottom of the box becomes hot, the hot air rises lightly, the cold air drops, and the air in the box is convected to make the temperature inside the box uniform. If the venting holes at the top of the drying box are properly adjusted, the temperature uniformity is good.

(2) blast convection. By using a small electric blower to increase the circulating convection of the air from the inside of the inside of the drying box, the temperature in the drying box is more uniform, and the general temperature difference does not exceed 0.5 °C. Quality coal is used laboratory convection blast drying oven.

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