Tiejian Heavy Industry has a shield machine to fill the gap in the domestic industry

The first domestic teaching shield machine developed by Tiejian Heavy Industry successfully went offline in its high-end equipment manufacturing base in Lanzhou.

This shield machine has a diameter of 3.63 meters, a total length of 28 meters and a total weight of 10 tons. It is a teaching shield machine specially designed by Tiejian Heavy Industry for the tunnel and mine engineering laboratory of Lanzhou Resources and Environment Vocational Technical College. Intellectual property rights have filled the gap in the domestic teaching shield machine.

It is reported that in the previous professional teaching of shield tunnel construction in China, most of them used the model of simulation shield machine, or organized students to observe the construction site of the adjacent shield construction site, which was affected by various factors such as safety and inoperability. It is often only possible to have a rough understanding of the shield machine and the shield construction site, and the knowledge and skills acquired are limited. After using the shield machine to teach the real machine, the students can not only contact and observe the shield machine in close proximity, but also operate the machine in person under the guidance of the instructor. This will help the training of the professional personnel of the shield machine and effectively promote the tunnel construction profession in China. The vocational education is becoming more substantive and professional.

This shield machine will soon be shipped to the college for the professional teaching and personnel training of shield tunnel construction.

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