What is the guiding role of soil salinity meter in agricultural production?

Soil salinity meter is also called soil EC meter. It mainly uses electrical conductivity to reflect the salinity of the soil, and then to determine whether the soil is healthy, and then determine what measures should be taken to improve the soil. At present, due to the improper use of chemical fertilizers, a large number of cropland soils in China have problems such as soil salinization and acidification that affect crop growth. Therefore, using soil salinity meters to monitor soil salinity values ​​can not only prevent The unexpected role can also correctly guide agricultural production operations and carry out scientific fertilization and irrigation.

Soil salinity meter

The effect of soil salinization on plant growth is very large, and different crops have different degrees of tolerance to soil salinity. For non-salt-tolerant crops, if they are planted on salinized soil, moderate saline soil In soil environments such as heavy salty soil and heavy salty soil, the growth will be slow, and the weight will affect the seed germination and seedling deficiency, which will lead to a decline in agricultural yield and quality. It can be seen that before sowing, soil salt is used. To calculate the EC value of the soil, you can avoid the loss caused by planting the wrong crop. You can also guide the cultivation of suitable crops based on the salinity of the soil. For example, the salt-tolerant crops such as alfalfa, cotton, sugar beet, sorghum, millet, etc. Moderate growth in saline soil has little effect.
However, if it is found during the production process that the crop plants grow slowly or stop growing, then do not blindly add nutrients to top-dressing, because this time is not necessarily caused by inadequate supply of nutrients in the soil, it may also be due to the receipt of soil. The effect of salt concentration is too high. At this time, the soil salinity meter can be used to measure the EC value of the soil. If it is too high, the soil with lower EC value can be used to rinse and rinse the soil to achieve the purpose of reducing the soil salt concentration. It can also be used properly. Rooting agent, promote the growth of plant roots. Therefore, the use of soil salinity meters to diagnose soil conditions can help analyze the causes of poor plant growth and improve the production process in light of actual conditions. This can avoid blindness in production and improve the effectiveness of agricultural production.

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