Jiangxi Guixi: Vigorously Promote the Construction of Grain Drying Mechanization

In recent years, Guixi City in Jiangxi Province has taken grain drying mechanization as an important measure to advance the mechanization of grain production, increase farmers' income, and ensure food security. Comprehensive measures have enabled the drying conditions after grain harvest to be effectively improved.
The first is to focus on propaganda and guidance. Drying of grain is not only a safeguard measure for food security, but also a promotion measure for increasing grain efficiency. The grain department of the city conducts comprehensive surveys and mappings on the large farming families, family farms, and agricultural machinery cooperatives in need of the city through comparative analysis of benefits. Based on this, according to the area of ​​grain production and market demand, it actively promotes and scientifically plans and guides rational distribution. Determine the best service radius for drying, reduce operating costs, and maximize economic efficiency. In order to guide the intention of the investors, go out to study, use examples to stimulate the building enthusiasm. At the same time, it actively promoted the government's supportive policies and directions of development, encouraging them to build early, benefit early, and take effective actions as early as possible.

The second is to strengthen service measures to help solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of grain drying mechanization. The grain bureau of the city actively coordinated three grain control institutions to effectively guarantee the land for grain drying machinery construction. At the same time, technical experts are invited to strengthen technical guidance in mechanical selection and purchase, training operations, operations, maintenance and other aspects.

The third is to increase subsidies. The municipal government pays great attention to the guiding role of the purchase of subsidy funds, takes grain drying machinery and equipment as the focus of purchase subsidies for agricultural machinery, and gives corresponding subsidies to new purchases of grain drying machines. According to statistics, the city added 43 new dryers (sets) this year, an increase of 800 tons compared with last year's drying capacity. At present, the city's grain drying capacity has reached more than 1,500 tons.


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