Industry Association will issue additional regulations for "plastic limit order"

Beijing, China, June 1st is the official implementation of the national standard for plastic shopping bags. Recently, the China Green Protection Federation and other organizations jointly organized the “Green Beijing, Plastic Action” environmental protection charity event launching ceremony to participate in the development of the national standard. Dong Jinshi, deputy director of the plastics plastics recycling and use professional committee, disclosed that the plastic shopping bags with thickness of 0.025 mm or more produced before June 1st could continue to be used for one year, which will be added in the forthcoming “Limited Plastic Order” supplementary regulations. Give special instructions.
Dong Jinshi introduced that the national standard has strict regulations on the thickness of shopping plastic bags (not less than 0.025 mm), strength, logos, etc., but if the manufacturer can prove to be a plastic shopping bag with a thickness of 0.025 mm or more before the date of June 1st. If the product does not have the label required by the national standard, it can continue to sell within the warranty period (1 year).
A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce convened the provincial heads of provincial-level units and heads of commerce departments of provincial capitals and relevant experts to discuss and discuss the Measures for the Management of Paid Use of Plastic Shopping Bags in Retail Stores. Dong Jinshi, who participated in the discussion, disclosed that experts at the meeting had Promulgated the "plastic limit order" to discuss and explain the details.
Experts believe that according to regulations, pre-packaged bags and other plastic bags that come into direct contact with foods are not included in the scope of fees, as long as they comply with the relevant provisions of “food bags” and may be labeled with QS. Vegetables and fruits must be cleaned before they can be eaten. Therefore, all plastic shopping bags containing these goods are charged; consumers need to pay for the rest of the meals when they are dining in the hotel, and the plastic bags containing the meals do not need to be paid. Dong Jinshi gave an example to explain that if a consumer buys two steamed buns, the plastic bags that directly touch the buns can be used for free as long as they comply with the relevant regulations of the “plastic bags for food”, but if a plastic bag is added outside, the plastic bag Must meet the "plastic shopping bag" standard and pay.

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