Special offer a new generation of portable portable roughness instrument

Special offer a new generation of portable portable roughness instrument

Measured stable lithium power supply operation is simple

Special offer new generation portable rugged portable meter Model: JJ-220

Portable roughness tester JJ-220 is a new generation of portable portable surface roughness tester introduced by our company . It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, easy operation, portability, stable operation, etc. It can be widely used in the detection of various metal and non-metal processing surfaces. The instrument is a pocket-sized instrument with an integrated sensor host. Hand-held features are more suitable for use at the production site .

Advantages : portable roughness instrument JJ-220

With optimized circuit design and sensor structure design, the electric box, driver and display part are integrated to achieve a high degree of integration; Ra, Rz , Rq, Rt measurement parameters are arbitrarily selected ; not only can the outer circle, plane, cone be measured Surface, can also measure the groove width greater than 80 × 30mm .

Features: Portable Roughness Tester JJ-220

The shape of the aluminum die is designed to be rugged and durable, and it is capable of resisting electromagnetic interference, which is in line with today's new design trends . Using high-speed DSP processors for data processing and calculations, measurement and calculation speeds are greatly increased. Display LCD uses popular OLED color display, high brightness, no viewing angle, wide temperature, suitable for various occasions. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery can work for a long time, no memory effect, can work while charging, short charging time, long battery life . Use the universal USB interface for charging and communication. Use a dedicated charger or computer USB port for quick and easy charging. Dot matrix LCD display , rich interface information . Real-time monitoring of lithium battery power and display, timely remind the user to charge and have a charging progress prompt. The automatic shutdown function and low-power hardware and software design make the instrument work long hours, suitable for a variety of field use. The sensor probe has a protective door, which effectively protects the sensor probe and ensures the accuracy of the measurement .

Portable roughness tester JJ-220 technical parameters

â—† Measurement parameters (?m): Ra, Rz , Rq, Rt

â—† Stroke length (mm): 6

â—† sampling length (mm): 0.25, 0.80, 2.50

â—† Evaluation length (mm): 1.25, 4.0

â—† Measurement range (?m):

Ra: 0.05 ~ 10.0

Rz: 0.1 ~ 50

◆ Indicative error: ±15%

â—† Indicative variability: <12%

â—† Probe stylus arc radius and angle:

Needle tip arc radius: 10 ?m ± 1 ?m


â—† Sensor stylus static force and its rate of change:

Stylus static force: ≤ 0.016N

Force change rate: ≤ 800N/m

◆ sensor guide pressure: ≤ 0.5N

â—† Battery: 3. 7 V lithium-ion battery

◆ Dimensions: 1 06 mm×70 mm×24 mm

â—† Weight: 20 0g

â—† Working environment conditions :

Temperature: -2 0 °C to 40 °C

Relative humidity: < 90%

No vibration, non-corrosive media around

Roughness meter universal number definition:

1. Surface roughness: It refers to the micro-geometric shape features composed of smaller pitches and peaks and valleys on the processing surface.

2. Sample length λc : used to determine the length of a reference line with surface roughness characteristics.

3. Assess length: A length necessary to assess an outline, which may include one or several sample lengths.

4. Contour arithmetic mean deviation Ra : arithmetic mean value of the contour offset within the sampling length

5. Root mean square deviation Rq : The rms value of the ordinate over a sampling length

6. Maximum profile height Rz ( ISO ): the height of the sum of the maximum profile peak height Rp and the maximum profile valley depth Rv over a sampling length ;

7. Contour Peak to valley total height Rt : The sum of the maximum contour peak height and the maximum contour valley depth within the evaluation length .

Surface roughness tester JJ-220 application area:

Metal and Non-metal Processing Manufacturing

1. Surface engineering treatment

2. Mold casting, precision manufacturing

3. Automobile manufacturing and parts processing

4. machinery parts and mechanical parts and gearing member

5. Metal processing equipment and machine tool accessories, functional parts

6. Metallurgical smelting, rolling and forging equipment

7. Pneumatic, hydraulic components and pressure vessels

8. General machinery and metal forming equipment

The parameters given by the surface roughness tester JJ-220 conform to GB/T 3505-2000 "Geometrical Technical Specifications Surface Construction Profile Method, Surface Structure Predicates , Definitions, and Parameters", in accordance with GB/T6062-2002 "Product Geometry Techniques" Specification ( GPS ) surface structure , profile method, contact (stylus) instrument nominal characteristics.

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