How do you drive your car abroad?

Refueling cars is something that every little partner who drives abroad will encounter. Popular foreign high self-help, even gas stations are no exception.

Then the question came: How to fuel the car abroad?

Which oil to add?

First of all, to determine what kind of oil you need to add to your car. Because adding the wrong oil is still quite harmful.

In theory, due to the different combustion modes of gasoline and diesel, the phenomenon of shaking the car, emitting black smoke, or even catching fire will occur after the gasoline car is added to diesel. If used, it will damage the entire oil circuit system and may even cause the engine to be scrapped. More importantly, this damage is not within the insurance company's claims .

Usually there is no special sign in the car's oil cover or vehicle description. It is to add gasoline. Diesel will have the eye-catching Diesel word.

When you are refueling, you can choose regular oil or cheaper oil. The higher the number, the higher the quality of the oil and the more expensive it is. If you are not sure what kind of oil you want to add at the time of picking up your car, ask the store staff when you mention the car.

Gasoline notation:

English: Gasolene German: Banzin

Diesel representation:

English/German: Diesel

    Refueling process?

The refueling process is related to the gas station of your choice. It is roughly divided into the following three types:

1. Fully self-help

Fully self-service means that the entire gas station has no staff, and refueling and payment are done by themselves. Swipe first (pay for cash), then add fuel, and deduct pre-award.

Take the swipe card as an example: After parking the car on the side of the oil pump, first go to the swipe card at the side. According to the prompt insert card, when the machine finishes reading the credit card information, it will prompt to remove the card, then go get the oil gun and add oil, and remember to get a small ticket after adding the oil.

A pre-authorisation that is greater than the refueling amount is generally deducted from the credit card, and the excess will be refunded later. The process of paying cash is similar to swiping, but there is no change.

2. Semi-help

Semi-help is to say you need to refuel, but someone receives money. You can refuel or pay first.

Take refueling as an example: Stop the car at the edge of the oil pump, pick up the oil gun and add oil. After the completion of the filling, tell the staff that the oil is being pumped in a few pumps. Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

If it is the first payment, after the refueling situation, when the tank is full but the money is not spent, the staff will return the extra money. The money paid in advance is a bit like a deposit.

3. Somebody service

This is the same as domestic refueling. Tell the staff about the amount of oil and fuel to be added.

Many gas stations provide self-service (Self) and full-service (Full) refueling methods, with identification on top of each pump. There is a difference in using Full at a self-service gas station.

How to operate the tanker?

1. Confirm the oil product (and amount);

2. Pick up the oil gun;

3. Point the gun at the tank port, lock the trigger and start refueling. If you need to fill up, select Fill Up.

4. Put down the oil gun switch to stop the fueling count, and keep the refueling count display on the display;

5. Put the gun back in place, make sure it is home, remove the receipt.

[Huixiaoniu intimate reminder ~]

1. In European countries fully self-service car rental, when the credit card is pulled out, some machines will indicate whether the amount added is set to 100 Euro. This should pay attention to the selection of NO, otherwise it will directly deduct 100 Euro.

2. If you want to pay by credit card, the credit card needs to open foreign currency function (VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.);
3. If you need to fill in the zip code when you swipe your card, you can try five or five or nine. Everyone's experience is worth a try.

4. Gas stations will generally provide simple window cleaning brushes for free use, as well as small supermarkets, ATM cash machines and toilets . In some places, car washing services and car repairs are also very convenient.

5. If you can't deal with it, ask the help of the on-site staff or the people who come to cheer. Most people are still willing to help.

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