Photosynthesis Instrument for Analysis of Factors Affecting Rice Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis of rice leaves is the strength of light, and the high end of temperature has a close mutual protection. Generally under normal conditions, rice photosynthesis increases with the increase of light intensity, especially in the weak light enhancement, but the light intensity of the nucleus increased to a certain degree to support its photosynthesis does not increase. The content of carbohydrates in the Japonica case is generally increased from noon to noon, and the amount of sugar in the noodle is reduced and the increase in starch is also low. The intensity of photosynthesis in the day is the largest at noon, because it is parallel to the degeneration of sunshine intensity in general, that is, strong cooperation in sunshine and strong light, and weak photosynthesis in sunshine. Under natural elements, the intensity of photosynthesis dropped by 30% at the end of 30% light intensity. Photosynthesis instrument can effectively determine and analyze rice photosynthesis.

Generally, the temperature of rice is maintained at 18~35C under full lighting repairs. The simple photosynthesis industry YanYan sees the deuteration, if exceed the above temperature and photosynthesis, Cao falls. If the temperature reaches 38OC photosynthesis in the seedling stage of rice There is a tendency to subside, and only when the photosynthesis temperature increases under low-light conditions will increase, so the temperature and light combination effects are different from the light intensity, but the photo-combination dawn class is often affected by temperature. Because of the fact that it is a matter of fact, it is because of the fact that it is a matter of fact that the warmth of the wild rice has a great influence on the photosynthesis of the wild rice, and once it hits the sky or the cold, the temperature is low. For Cao Ying's photosynthetic application, since Cao Ying's engagement with the land is low, it is because of the fact that the development of the rice is due to the decrease in the development of rice seedlings in Cao. Cao’s suffering from intellectualism is closely related to the decline of photosynthesis.

The photosynthesis test of rice photosynthetic apparatus revealed that the photosynthetic characteristics of rice leaves were different in different years. The photosynthetic intensity of the rice collection sheath is much weaker than that of the rice seedlings, and the same rice can also carry out photosynthesis in the same flowering stage. Different rice products are very different from each other in their photosynthesis, especially in the case of low temperature.

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