All-in-one instrument has a bright future

All-in-one instrument has a bright future It is understood that the performance of the instrument is now more and more powerful, and the measurement function is becoming more and more powerful. Referring to the development direction of the instrument, all-in-one instruments may be the main trend of product development.

From the past to the present, there are not a few large-scale factories to launch multi-in-one measurement instruments. With this all-in-one instrument, the market believes that its main selling point lies in its cheapness and large bowl. One instrument can provide several units. Because measuring instruments are generally bulky and expensive, if there is more such a machine The new option, naturally, is a great boon to the use of customers for demand measurement purposes.

For example, the Agilent MSO mixed signal oscilloscope (16 logic analysis channels for 2/4 analog measurement channels) enables a single instrument to have the functions of an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer. Infiniium oscilloscopes have built-in VSA vector signal analysis software and become the world's measurement and analysis bandwidth. The widest vector signal analyzer.

However, all-in-one instruments often give users the impression of a non-high-end product. It is considered that as long as it is an all-in-one instrument, it is a relatively simple entry-level model. At present, China's electronic measurement instrument industry market is about 10 billion yuan, sales of more than 700 million units, the growth rate is more than 20%, it should be said that the demand for electronic measuring instruments is strong. If you want to consolidate the functions of various high-end models on a single instrument, such instruments will surely break the price. This will be a threshold for users who are interested in adopting the instrument. Popularization has also become a major obstacle.

Take the oscilloscope as an example. Currently, there are many types of oscilloscopes on the market. Under fierce competition, prices tend to be cheaper and cheaper. There are also more new manufacturers that use low-cost oscilloscopes to grab market share. Luo Shilin cited the mainland China market as an example. There are already more than five local manufacturers that have introduced oscilloscope products. As long as you can buy ADC, DRAM and other key parts, the combination is an oscilloscope. Compared to Dachang's oscilloscope products, the prices of these small plants are more attractive, which will force measurement companies to be dragged into the low-priced competition in the Red Sea.

All-in-one instruments are not necessarily low-end instruments for entry models. To be correct, an all-in-one instrument should be considered as a value-added function for the instrument. The main reason for this is that the instrument industry has gradually moved into the muddy competition of the Red Sea.

Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic packaging machine is generally divided into semi-automatic packaging machine and automatic packaging machine. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for automatic packaging of food, medicine, chemical industry and plant seeds. The material can be granule, tablet, liquid, powder, paste, etc. The automatic packaging machine has the functions of automatic measurement, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, increasing easy incision, warning without material, mixing, etc.

It is mainly suitable for packing instant noodles, ice cream, biscuits, Weihua biscuits, egg yolk pie, egg roll, bread, sausage, seaweed, frozen food, medicine, medicine board, infusion bag (bottle), soap, soap, mosquito repellent incense, paper towel, toilet paper, card, adhesive tape, disposable tableware (knife and fork), etc.

The automatic packaging machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure and reliable in performance. The automatic packaging machine adopts double synchronous belt pulling film, which is controlled by the cylinder for tension, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm protection function, and the maximum loss reduction. The measuring device is matched, and it integrates bag making, filling, filling, printing and counting. The metering device can be modified according to the material opening and closing mode.

Basic characteristics

1. Invention patent: a roll of film is automatically cut and translated into two packaging films on the machine, and two lines of articles are automatically packed. One machine has two capacity, small area, and saves people and energy.

2. Touch screen control, simple operation, intuitive display, modular design of electrical appliances, digital control.

3. There are three driving modes: double frequency conversion, double servo and three axis servo. No mechanical transmission, stable and reliable operation, low noise and high tracking accuracy.

4. Material position adjustment: automatic or jog button adjustment.

5. Material conveying width adjustment: one handle can adjust two rows of conveying width at the same time.

7. Two sets of adjustable bags can adjust the height and width of the bag.

8. There is a traction guide wheel in front of the longitudinal heat sealing wheel, and the traction guide angle can be adjusted during operation

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