Tire industry brewing and building a common stability fund 7 shares hope to benefit

To help companies avoid the ups and downs of rubber costs, the rubber industry is "warming up." According to the Shanghai Securities News, the reporter learned from the China Rubber Industry Association on November 19th that large-scale tire companies brewing and establishing a common stabilization fund aimed at strengthening the pricing power of natural rubber. There will be some adjustments and changes in domestic and international auto parts companies, and some companies may benefit.

Due to the nature of natural rubber agricultural products and bulk trade products, in recent years, natural rubber has not only been used as a means of production in the market, but more as a financial product, and its price performance is not only affected by the relationship between supply and demand. Many were affected by factors such as the international political and economic situation, commodity prices, and domestic and foreign capital speculation. Therefore, in recent years, the price fluctuation of natural rubber in the international market has become the norm.

In the past two years alone, for example, the price of natural rubber soared to 40,000 yuan/ton or more at the beginning of last year, but fell to about 26,000 yuan/ton at the end of the year; this year it continued to oscillate downwards with the lowest price at around 21,000 yuan/ton.

In recent years, China has become the world’s largest consumer and importer of rubber. In 2011, it imported 2.1 million tons of natural rubber, 854,100 tons of imported composite rubber, and 3.2 million tons of natural rubber. Because they do not have the right price, domestic tire companies can only passively accept the skyrocketing prices of natural rubber, which makes tire companies miserable.

According to reports, the cost of natural rubber accounts for more than 40% of the production cost of tires, and the great fluctuations in rubber prices have made it more difficult for tire companies to control costs. The price transmission mechanism of tire companies to the downstream is not smooth. When the rubber price soars, the price of tires is difficult to rise. Enterprises cannot afford the cost pressure and the loss surface increases sharply. When the rubber price falls, the tire prices are not easy to stabilize and can easily cause market chaos. Disorderly, business benefits are difficult to control.

In this regard, the association has been discussing solutions with tire companies. At present, Hangzhou Zhongce has proposed an initial implementation plan for establishing a rubber stabilization fund.

The association believes that the stability fund's plan should be feasible. "If it can be implemented, companies can grasp the market initiative and achieve healthy development." According to reports, the association will select the appropriate time to conduct a special study of the program.

Industry-related listed companies include Yu Tire, Qingdao Double Star, S-Gatton, Aeolus, *ST Huanghai, Shuangqin, and Saiwan.

é»” Tire A receives 45 million government liquidity loan interest subsidy

The tires were announced on the evening of November 16. The company recently received the “Circular of Notice on Granting Interest Loans to Loan from Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd.” issued by the Guiyang Municipal Industrial and Information Technology Committee and the Guiyang Finance Bureau, and decided to grant a liquidity loan discount of 45 million to the company. yuan.

Recently, the company received 25 million yuan in the above amount. According to the relevant provisions of Accounting Standards for Enterprises No. 16 - Government Subsidy, the company's interest-bearing loan interest payments received this time will be included in non-operating income in 2012. The specific accounting treatment shall be based on the results after the annual audit of the accountant confirms.

Qingdao Double Star's first three quarters net profit decreased 86% year-on-year

Qingdao Double Star announced the third quarter of 2012 on the evening of October 18. From January 1 to September 30, 2012, the company realized total operating revenue of 4.435 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.38%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 528.34 Ten thousand yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 86.17%.

In addition, the company's net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in the third quarter was a loss of 4.0554 million yuan.


Possible changes in ownership structure of the largest shareholder of Fengshen Co., Ltd.

Fengshen shares were announced on the evening of November 7. On November 7, the company received notification from China Chemical Industry Corporation, the largest shareholder of the company, and its investor, China National Chemical Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement with Hainan Farming Group Co., Ltd.

According to the agreement, China National Chemicals and Hainan Land Reclamation will hold 50% state-owned property rights of the rubber company. The matter still needs to be approved by the higher authorities of both parties to the agreement.

Race Wheel shares receive special grant for the development of smart manufacturing equipment

Sailing shares announced on the evening of August 31 that the company received the “Implementation Plan for the 2012 Special Project for Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Development issued by the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Finance, and the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. “Replied to the letter”, the document agrees to include the “industrial robot demonstration application and industrialization in the tire industry” project jointly undertaken by the company and Soft Control Co., Ltd. in the national strategic emerging industry development special fund plan, and the state plans to subsidize the company (projects Demonstration user units) 8.5 million yuan project grant funds.

According to the announcement, the construction period of the project is 3 years. The main construction content is: for the specificity of the tire industry, develop a personalized robot suitable for the tire production process, solve the current tire industry, the quality of poor reliability, low degree of automation, high labor costs The problem will eventually reach the intelligent delivery of the tire embryo from the entire process of molding, vulcanization, inspection and storage.

*ST Huanghai receives RMB 370 million in relocation subsidies

* ST Huanghai announced on the evening of November 12 that due to the company’s relocation costs, equipment maintenance and maintenance expenses, asset damages and other losses incurred during the relocation and reconstruction of the company, and the large amount of employee relocation expenses incurred, the company’s operation and development With great pressure, after the company’s application, the Qingdao Municipal Government agreed that the Qingdao City’s Office of Relocation and Reorganization of the Old City Coordinating Leading Group issued the “Approval of the Relocation of Qingdao Huanghai Rubber Co., Ltd. Grant” document on November 9th, which was determined by Qingdao. Haichuang Development and Construction Investment Co., Ltd. paid 370 million yuan to relocate the company's subsidies. According to the relevant requirements of the government approval, the company will standardize the use of this relocation subsidy to properly solve the problem of resettlement of employees and compensate for the relocation losses.

According to the “principal plan of the second transaction of major assets sale and issuance of share purchase assets and related transactions” disclosed on November 9 of “(a) major asset sales”, “4. The profit or loss during the transitional period from the base date to the delivery date shall be enjoyed or assumed by Huanghai shares during the period when the profit or loss of the assets to be disposed of in the said transition period is assessed. If the estimated value of the assets to be sold on the evaluation base day plus the final profit or loss during the transition period is negative or does not exceed 1 yuan, RMB1 will be maintained at the time of settlement; if the estimated value of the assets to be sold on the evaluation date is more than RMB1 in the transitional period, the excess will be paid separately by the purchaser of the assets at the time of delivery of the assets.” The company intends to sell all assets and liabilities at this time. The base day estimate is -6.55 billion yuan. It is expected that the base day assessment value plus the profit and loss during the transitional period will still be negative on the asset settlement date. Therefore, the 370 million yuan relocation subsidy will not affect the final transaction price. In accordance with the relevant arrangement for the reorganization, the net assets formed by the relocation and subsidy funds will also be sold to the China Railway Maintenance (Group) Corporation on the closing date.

Whether the above issues constitute a major adjustment to this major asset restructuring is not yet clear.

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