Factors affecting the development of measuring instruments and meters

Factors affecting the development of measuring instruments and meters There are four main factors that restrict the development of China's metrological instrumentation industry:

First, in today's information age, competition in the industry is very fierce. If you slow down the development rate a bit, you will be left behind. However, the level of China's metrological instrumentation industry has slowed down, and large-scale and high-end equipment and equipment are almost all dependent on imports. Many urgently needed special-purpose instruments are still blank. There are still many difficulties in ensuring the quality of middle and low-end products. The delay in the development of technological innovation and its industrialization is a bottleneck restricting the development of China's metrological instrumentation industry.

Second, China's measurement instruments, although the gap between the technical indicators and similar foreign products is not very large, but the stability and reliability are not high. This has greatly limited the scope and credibility of China's metered products.

Third, the development of the metrology instrumentation industry has also been constrained by four major objective environments. On the one hand, taxation is too heavy; on the other hand, the relevant departments lack understanding of the importance of the development of measurement products industry, and support is insufficient; third, the lack of procurement policies to support the development of national industries.

Fourth, China's basic industry capability is poor. Including product quality, service ability and reputation ability are all poor, which directly affects the development of the industry.

China has become the second largest metering instrument and meter producer in Asia except Japan. The general situation of China's metrology and instrumentation industry is moving forward. Products follow the pace of international development in the direction of miniaturization, integration, intelligence, and bus.

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