How to use paddle shifter

The use of the paddle shifter is: select the manual mode (usually a button), then push the shift lever to the “D” position, and then use the dial to add or subtract. That is, the lever is placed in the manual mode first, and then the desired gear is freely switched using the paddle shift when the engine speed is suitable.

The more common shift paddle position is placed on the left and right sides of the arc in the direction, the function of the two paddle shifters is the same, not an increase, a downshift; but using the index finger and the middle point The driver's direction lift is an upshift; using the thumb down in the direction of the steering wheel is a downshift. With shift paddles, when the vehicle is driving in D, you can use your fingers to manually shift the gearbox manually, which is especially useful when you need to accelerate and overtake. When your left hand continuously downshifts, the engine speed suddenly climbs up, and enough power quickly exceeds the speed of the slow train in front. This is the ease and enthusiasm of driving the shift paddle. However, in the case of D block, the transmission will return to automatic mode after stopping for a while without manual transmission. To really implement manual mode, try the manually controlled manual mode in S mode, as long as your shift paddles do not issue a shift command, the transmission will not be forced to shift.

Crane Components

Crane components can be Electric Parts, Mechanical Parts, and accessory of an Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane , etc. The crane electric components can be a console, control box, conductor, motor, reducer, brake, pendant, cable, limiter, breaker, switch, etc. The crane mechanism components can be a wheel, hook, coupling, bearing, end carriage, wire rope, pulley, etc. The crane accessory can be a buffer, rail track, etc.

Crane Conductor Bar

Most asked components from customers: conductor bar, busbar, rails, current collector, wheels, operator console, etc.

Crane Operating Console

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Qu120 Crane Rail

Overhead Crane Wheel

Crane Components,Current Collector,Conductor Current Collector,Busbar Current Collector

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