Japan's construction machinery shipments will increase by 18% this year

According to the Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association, the forecast data show that the sales volume of construction machinery in Japan is expected to reach 2.0282 trillion yen (approximately RMB 167.7 billion) in 2011, an increase of 18% from the previous year, mainly due to the demand for reconstruction after the earthquake. Strong demand and expanding demand in emerging markets.

The association pointed out that Japan’s domestic construction machinery market will increase by 24% to 523.3 billion yen due to hot sales of excavators and other products, and exports are expected to increase by 16% to 1504.9 billion yen. Demand growth in emerging market countries such as Asia and rising exports to North America will play a positive role.

The association also expects that the total shipments of Japanese construction machinery in 2012 will also increase by 11% to reach 2.2419 trillion yen, which is expected to increase for three consecutive years.

At the press conference, the president of the Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association emphasized that “the demand for post-earthquake reconstruction in Japan is very large.” He also hopes that the government will “stop the soaring of the yen and allow the exchange rate to return to the 1980s and 1990s. Level".

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