FAW Xichai remanufactured to form a circular economy development model

In October this year, Xichai's remanufactured engine shined in the 10th China International Combustion Engine and Components Exhibition. Its independent and innovative remanufacturing technology was granted by experts such as Prof. Xu Binshi, the key national laboratory for equipment remanufacturing, and former Minister of Machinery Industry He Guangyuan. And the leadership is highly rated.

Recently, the reporter came to the remanufacturing production base of FAW Xichai which has already invested for half a year and has a total investment of more than 50 million yuan, and has an annual output of 5,000 units. He also learned about the circular economy development of Xichai's “resource-product-waste-reuse” field. mode.

Green product green manufacturing Entering the FAW Xichai remanufacturing base in the new district, the first impression is "cleanliness." Plants dominated by blue-and-white are shaded by greenery, revealing a bit of peace and harmony. The rows of ready-made Xichai remanufactured engines are particularly spectacular.

According to the person in charge of the FAW Xichai remanufacturing base, “The FAW Group is the first batch of auto parts remanufacturing pilot units determined by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2008. Currently, the FAW Xichai remanufacturing production base has gradually achieved mass production.” The reporter learned that After the old machine has been inspected by the factory, it will be completely disassembled to the smallest part individual, and then it will enter multiple rounds of cleaning, and then be tested again, and sent to the repair area to be repaired according to the same new specification; full-qualified spare parts after inspection It was reassembled into a remanufactured engine.

"According to scientific estimates, for every 5,000 Aowei series remanufactured engines produced at FAW Xichai remanufacturing base, the added value of recovered products will approach 125 million yuan, which will save 7 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tons." The reporter told reporters that "Xichai remanufactured engines can save energy by 60%, save materials by 70%, save material costs by 50%, and produce almost no solid waste, compared with newly manufactured products, while ensuring the same quality and performance. Pollutant emissions reduced by more than 80%."

At present, the Xichai remanufacturing base has four work areas, which are the dismantling workshop, the surface repair workshop, the mechanical processing workshop and the assembly workshop. When you step into the cleaning area, you first see a milky white fully-closed washing machine. The technician Bai Yang told the reporter, “When the old engine is replaced and recovered, the first thing to do is to pre-clean, mainly to remove the oil and remove the rust before the dismantling engine. Then we can enter the dismantling session.” He said, “Only As far as the cleaning process is concerned, the Xichai remanufacturing production base adopts mature pyrolysis systems such as water jet cleaning, shot blasting machines, and clearing machines in Europe and America, reducing the waste pollution caused by cleaning by 80%, and at the same time meeting the European standards for air emissions. The reporter noticed that the ground in the cleaning area does not contain any oil and dust, and that after a thorough cleaning process, the appearance of parts and components is shining.

At the Xichai remanufacturing base, the entire production process is also green and environmentally friendly. After entering the repair area, the person in charge of the base said, “The remanufactured remanufacturing process is different from the traditional mechanical process both in the processing concept and the positioning reference. The remanufacturing base of FAW Xichai is equipped with mature remanufacturing equipment in Europe and America. Can ensure the excellent quality of the remanufactured engine.” In particular, he pointed out, “The surface repair of Xichai remanufacture is the integration of mature surface engineering technology into remanufacturing technology, and the high-tech transformation of waste products has achieved high quality. High-efficiency, energy-saving, material-saving, and environmental protection.” The person in charge emphasized that only reusable parts that have passed inspection can be reinstalled on the original engine, and parts that failed the previous tests will be completely replaced with new ones. The entire assembly process is performed according to the new machine assembly requirements.

Environmental protection creates value “Since this year's official opening on May 10th, the green environmental protection effect of Xichai's remanufactured engines has been gradually enlarged and the sales volume has steadily increased!” On a clean remanufacturing assembly line, the reporter met sales executive Hua Ming, and he was pleased to The reporter told reporters that the current Xichai remanufactured engine already has a lot of “hardcore users” — just on the first day of its opening, a Zhejiang user visited the FAW Xichai remanufacturing base and immediately placed the first “orders” on the spot. In July, the user rushed to sign the second batch of "orders." This user's experience is: "Compared with the general remanufactured engine, FAW Xichuang remanufactured engine has four characteristics: fuel saving, money saving, time saving and peace of mind. Compared with the new machine of the same model, the remanufactured engine The significant advantages are not only affordable, but also enjoy the excellent quality and triple warranty services that are fully consistent with the new machine."

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