High Rubber Content 7.00-12 Forklift Tire, Industrial Pneumatic Tyre 7.00-12

  • Model NO.: 7.00-12
  • Diameter: 8-20
  • Certification: ISO, CCC
  • Kind: Vacuum Tire
  • Cord Material: Nylon
  • Season: All Season Tire
  • Condition: New
  • Ceitificates: CCC,ISO9001,etc.
  • Characteristics: Anti-Puncture,Anti-Cutting
  • Use: Forklift
  • Trademark: WINCTOR
  • Specification: ISO9001
  • HS Code: 4011920000
  • Type: Tube
  • Tire Design: Bias Belted Tyre
  • Tread Pattern: Transverse Pattern
  • Tire Hierarchy: 12pr
  • Inner Tube: Inner Tube
  • Customized: Customized
  • 700-12: 12
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Color: Black
  • Material: High Quality Natural Rubber
  • Transport Package: as Required
  • Origin: China
Qingdao Eastar Tyre Co., Ltd 

-We are a manufacturer of tyres in China, specialized in forklift tire (solid and pneumatic), skid steer tire( solid and pneumatic), loader tire( solid and pneumatic),tire machine( solid tire press and tire changer) etc. Our products hold high reputation by the clients in the world wide, with the high quality and favorable price.

-Now we have "ROLLING STONE"and"WINCTOR"two brands. Our company's target is to be your reliable partner on special tyres, furnishiing high quality products at competitive price and professional service.
-We have been exporting to Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Greece,Canada, South Africa, Australia, USA and many other countries.

EASTAR Tyres are of superior quality for the toughest applications on industrial vehicles with a risks of impact and damage.

These tyres are stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity for forklift trucks and other industrial applications.

Pneumatic Forklift Tire
Pattern Size Ply Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Rim Load Capacity (kgs) Inflation Pressure (Kpa)  Pattern Depth(mm) Type
RT-103 5.00-8 10 468 144 3.50D 1290   1000 10 TT
RT-103 6.00-9 10 540 166 4.00E 1680   860 11.5 TT
RT-103 6.50-10 10 590 186 5.00F 1915   790 13.5 TT
RT-103 7.00-9 12 585 190 5.00S 2560   970 13 TT
RT-103 7.00-12 12 676 197 5.00S 2720   860 15 TT
RT-103 7.50-15 14 462 203 5.50F 3400   1000 15 TT
RT-103 8.25-12 12 765 235 6.5 3750   750 15 TT
RT-103 8.25-15 14 830 250 6.5 4255   830 17 TT
RT-103 28*9-15 14 706 231 7 3415   970 17 TT

High Rubber Content 7.00-12 Forklift Tire, Industrial Pneumatic Tyre 7.00-12
High Rubber Content 7.00-12 Forklift Tire, Industrial Pneumatic Tyre 7.00-12
High Rubber Content 7.00-12 Forklift Tire, Industrial Pneumatic Tyre 7.00-12
High Rubber Content 7.00-12 Forklift Tire, Industrial Pneumatic Tyre 7.00-12

Functional slides are generally divided into buffer slides, self-rebound slides, and hidden bottom slides.

 The damping slide is a kind of slide rail, which refers to a kind of sound absorption and cushioning effect that provides a cushioning effect by using liquid.  The selection of slide rail fast and easy automation is included.  It relies on a completely new technology to adapt the closing speed of the drawer.  When the drawer is closed to the last distance, the hydraulic pressure is used to slow down the speed and reduce the impact force, forming a comfortable effect when closing.  Even if the force is used to push the drawer, it will be closed gently to ensure perfect and quiet movement.  Including fixed rail, middle rail, movable rail, ball, clutch and bumper, the bumper is installed in the fixed rail; the bumper includes a piston rod, a housing, a piston, and a through hole and a hole are arranged on the piston, which is driven by the piston rod  When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, so as to cushion the damping effect.  Commonly used for push-pull activities of drawers.
 Advantages of damping slide rails: The soft and silent feeling makes the home feel warmer and more comfortable. The slide rails produced by the production process of the slide rails are exquisite in workmanship. With the durable hydraulic cylinder, they have been loved by more and more domestic people.  It relies on a brand new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the drawer. The product uses hydraulic buffer technology to make the drawer slowly close itself when there is a certain distance from the drawer limit, reducing the impact force, forming a comfortable effect when closing, and installing a damping slide  Make the furniture more high-grade, reduce the impact and form a comfortable effect when closing, and ensure that maintenance is not required even under long-term use.

 The hidden bottom slide is a medium-to-high-grade slide. The gear structure makes the slide very smooth and synchronized. This type of slide also has the function of buffering closing or pressing and rebounding. It is mostly used on high-end furniture because of price comparison.  Expensive, it is relatively rare in modern furniture, so it is not as popular as steel ball slides, but such slides are the future trend.

 The self-rebound slide is also called the rebound slide, the spring slide, the rebound slide without a handle
 Application: Civil furniture cabinets, office furniture cabinets, cabinets, cupboards, office drawer cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc.
 Bounce system for drawers.  The gentle movement of the rail's new bounce system provides maximum comfort when opening drawers without handles.  The absence of handles avoids the modern vision of slicing furniture straight.  A flick of the furniture door and drawer will open on its own.  No matter where you flick anywhere on the front, the drawer opens gently and smoothly.  When closed, the drawer is completely and securely locked again.

Function Slide

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