Solar insecticidal lights "show their talents" in the critical period of rice growth

At present, it is the critical period for rice growth. This period is also a period of high incidence of pests and diseases. How to effectively control pests and diseases while reasonably reducing the use of pesticides? Many places are vigorously promoting green prevention and control technologies, installing solar insecticidal lamps next to rice fields, minimizing the use of pesticides and ensuring a good harvest of food.

Solar insecticidal lamp

The solar insecticidal lamp uses the phototaxis characteristics of some insects, and kills the insects through the high-voltage power grid around the lamp. Since there are more beneficial insects in the early morning, the insecticidal lamp is turned on every evening and turned off automatically at midnight to avoid accidental killing of beneficial insects. Each insecticidal lamp is fixed on a silver bracket of about 2 meters. The top of the bracket is a solar panel. At a height of more than 1 meter above the ground is a vertical insecticidal lamp. There is a slot device under the tube. , Used to collect and kill pests. Although each insecticidal lamp is not large, the protection area is very wide, and each lamp can manage about 40 mu of farmland. The use of solar traps can not only greatly reduce the use of pesticides and reduce pesticide residues, but also contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve product quality, and reduce environmental pollution.

These solar insecticidal lamps can trap and kill a large number of pests, and they are mainly adults. They can greatly reduce the number of eggs laid by field pests, lower the population base and density, and are safer than pure pesticides. However, physical insecticide is a long-term process, so it still needs to be used in combination with pesticides. However, in the future, the frequency and dosage of pesticides can be reasonably reduced, effectively delaying the development of pest resistance.

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