[Upgrade] Mobile terminal management software with internet

good news

Kou public account update completed

This indicates that

You can arm / disarm the zone equipment on your phone

No distance restrictions, as long as there is a network to manage

Can be authorized to manage equipment by multiple people

Add devices and device management can be operated on the mobile phone

Equivalent to a management software installed on the phone



Its advantages


Network management   One-button arming and disarming   Multi-management   Devices can be added

Q: Can I manage the device by logging into the public account directly?

Answer: You need to do a simple "pairing"!

How does the public account "pair" the host device

Host settings

1. Set the host IP address, network management and other parameters in the host communication expansion port, and set the destination UDP2 port number to 01883;

2. After setting, the host is powered off and restarted to connect to the network (external network);

3. Use the computer's "WIN + R key" to check whether the host IP address is communicating normally, and continue to enter arp -a to find the "physical address of the corresponding IP."

Public account settings

1. Point menu management-equipment management;

2. Fill in the physical address of the corresponding host in the column of the main device number, and "pairing" is successful.

1. The device name can be defined by yourself;

2. Fill in the physical address of the host in the main device number;

3. The number of sub-devices and defense zones can be added by oneself.

If you need multi-person management, you can generate two-dimensional code in the management menu, after the second mobile phone pays attention to the public number, click management-add user-scan the two-dimensional code.

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