1000 Kg/Batch Hot Sale Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine for Pet Food

Model NO.: FD-1000 Radiant (1000kg input)
Trademark: Wuzhi
Origin: China
HS Code: 8419399090
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine:
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is a kind of drying equipment to remove moisture from food products. The quality o freeze dried product is the best compared to other drying methods. Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is widely used in freeze drying fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, sea food, coffee, tea, flowers, pet food, pharmaceuticals, herbals, biological products, chemical products, all kinds of mixed liquids and new materials. In one word, Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine could be used for freeze drying all kinds of products.

Working Principle of Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine: 
By principle of sublimation, the complete frozen product is heated in a vacuum condition of drying chamber. The ice in the product becomes vapor directly, no melting in the procedure.The vapor in the sealed chamber is condensed by vapor condenser on which temperature is much lower. So the vapor gets frosted soon and accumulated on the surface of vapor condenser. Continuously the moisture in the product is removed to vapor condenser, finally the product is dried, and the vapor condenser is full of ice. At the end of a freeze drying cycle, the ice will be melted by water which called defrosting.
1000 Kg/Batch Hot Sale Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine for Pet Food

Main Compostion of Wuzhi Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine:

Wuzhi Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine

Drying Chamber (SUS304)

Chamber (SUS304)
Main Body (SUS304)
Flange (SUS304)
Heads (SUS304)
Shelf System Shelf System (SUS304)
Vapor Condenser Vapor Condenser (SUS304)

Refrigeration System

Refrigeration Unit
Oil Separator
Suction Accumulator
Cooling Tower (option) Cooling Tower (option)
Water Pump (option)
Vacuum System Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump
Roots Pump (n/a) Roots Pump (for bigger model)

Heating System
Heater Electric Heater
Circulation Pump Circulation Pump
Exchanger Exchanger

Control System
Cabinet Cabinet

The Remarkable Advantage of Freeze Dried Food:
1, Retain biological activity 
2, Keep 99% product nutrition
3, Green food without additives

4, Good shape, color and taste
5, Long storage time
6, Easy transportation
1000 Kg/Batch Hot Sale Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine for Pet Food

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Quality Warranty:
The warranty period of Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is full 12 months since customer receiving the freeze dryers. At any time, if there is any problem, we'll provide solution by emails or calls within 24 hours, if the problem can't be solved, we'll send engineers to solve on site.

Installation, Commissioning and Training:
As Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is new to many customers, the experienced technical will visit customer's site for installation advice and commissioning service.

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Packing and Shipment:
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine will be packed by fumigation free wooden box with necessary shipping marks. If the customers do not know how to purchase or import the Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine, we could provide door to door service.

Technical Parameters of Wuzhi Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine:
Freeze Dryer
Model Shelf area Capacity
FD-10 1 m2 10kg 5 m2 3.75kw 1.6x0.9x1.6 800kg
FD-20 2 m2 20kg 7 m2 6.12kw 1.9x1.0x1.8 1200kg
FD-30 3 m2 30kg 8 m2 7.60kw 2.4x1.1x2.0 1500kg
FD-50 5 m2 50kg 9 m2 12.75kw 2.6x1.2x2.0 2000kg
FD-100 10 m2 100kg 10 m2 21.15kw 3.0x1.4x2.1 2500kg
FD-150 15 m2 150kg 12 m2 32.35kw 4.0x1.6x2.2 3500kg
FD-200 20 m2 200kg 15 m2 32.35kw 3.7x2.0x2.2 4000kg
FD-300 30 m2 300kg 20 m2 48.25kw 4.4x1.8x2.1 5500kg
FD-400 40m2 400kg 50 m2 60.00kw 5.1x1.9x2.2 6000kg
Freeze Dryer
Model Shelf area Capacity
FD-200 20 m2 200-250kg 90 m2 55.25kw 4.2x1.9x2.3 5500kg
FD-300 30 m2 300-400kg 100 m2 68.95kw 5.5x2.1x2.5 7000kg
FD-500 50 m2 500-600kg 130 m2 113.95kw 5.9x2.3x2.8 11000kg
FD-750 75 m2 750-900kg 180 m2 159.75kw 8.5x2.6x3.0 14000kg
FD-1000 100 m2 1000-1200kg 200 m2 220.75kw 11.0x2.6x3.2 17000kg
FD-1200 120 m2 1200-1500kg 225 m2 244.75kw 11.0x2.6x3.2 19000kg
FD-1500 150 m2 1500-1800kg 320 m2 304.60kw 14.0x2.6x3.2 22000kg
FD-2000 200 m2 2000-2500kg 380 m2 410.60kw 17.0x2.6x3.2 25000kg

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