Application of insecticidal lamp in the prevention and control of jujube diseases and insect pests

No matter what fruit trees are, they are afraid of pests and diseases, and jujube trees are no exception. The prevention and control of jujube pests and diseases is a difficult point in the management of jujube trees. In order to better carry out this work and develop the jujube planting industry in a green way, many jujube producing areas currently use insecticidal lamps to control pests. The application shows that this green prevention and control technology not only reduces the cost prevention, but also has a significant effect on pest control, which improves the yield and quality of jujube.

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Jujube is one of the most important economic forest species in China. It has strong resistance to stress, wide adaptability, long growth cycle, easy management, variety, nutrient-rich, rich in various amino acids and vitamins, economic and ecological benefits, and significant social benefits. Features. At present, as the planting area of ​​jujube trees continues to expand, the threat of pests in jujube trees is also increasing. If the prevention and control is not timely, it will affect the normal growth and production of jujube trees, which will affect the income of jujube farmers. We know that the current public is particularly concerned about the quality and safety of agricultural production. Therefore, in order to achieve green control and green production, the use and frequency of pesticides are decreasing in jujube planting management. It is replaced by green control technology such as insecticidal lamps, which has become an effective means of killing insects.

The insecticidal lamp adopts a physical control technology that is harmless to the environment. It utilizes the phototaxis and tropism of the pest, and selects the light source and wavelength that have a strong trapping effect on the pest, attracts the pest to ignite the lamp, and passes the high voltage. The grid kills pests. The insecticidal lamp is specially used to trap insects and reduce the number of pests, so that the density and the number of eggs of the pests are greatly reduced, thereby reducing and avoiding the direct harm or spread of pests to humans and crops. In the prevention and control of jujube pests and diseases, insecticidal lamps play an important role in prevention and control, not only have good insecticidal effects, but also effectively prevent and control the occurrence of various pests, reduce the harm, and ensure the green safety of jujube and improve the yield and quality of jujube. These green and healthy jujube products are very popular among consumers in the market.

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