What should I do if the fiber is damaged?

Once the pipeline is broken, we need the help of a fiber fusion splicer. Generally, when we say something is broken, we need to repair it. The fiber has a loss, not called repairing the fiber, it is necessary to weld the fiber.
In fact, the damage of fiber optics caused slow or small problems in our home network. In the past two years, cases in which fiber damage caused some enterprises to go offline are not uncommon. In the past year, Alipay had been cut off due to fiber optics, causing Alipay server downtime and business downline. We can find that once the fiber of the enterprise is damaged, it will affect the loss of data of the whole enterprise, the service is limited, and the user's word of mouth is affected. So what kind of light can meet the needs of the enterprise?
Family and enterprise fiber are different
It can be said that the enterprise fiber is superior to the fiber used in the home in terms of transmission speed and resistance to breakage. When you walk into a data center, you will find that there is not only fiber optics, but also a more conspicuous cable. The optical cable is also considered to be an optical fiber. The inside of the optical cable is also composed of a multi-core optical fiber, so that it is thicker and has a stronger transmission capability.
If we want to distinguish between enterprise fibers, we need to understand the concept of single mode and multimode. The distinction between single-mode and multi-mode is the difference in the transmission mode of the signal in the fiber. The single-mode core size is generally 8--10 um. In a single mode, the signal propagates along a straight line, which is a mode propagation.
The multimode core is relatively large, 50um or 62.5um, and can be transmitted in multiple modes at the same time.
Single mode versus multimode
When choosing a fiber, choose your own transmission distance and transmission bandwidth. Generally, single mode is used in long distance (more than 5 miles) transmission, and we use single mode fiber than our fiber to the home. Multimode is concentrated in short-distance complex signal transmission, which can be used for vertical safe and short-distance building group wiring within 550 meters of Ethernet. That is to say, although the single-mode optical fiber has a low signal attenuation rate and a large transmission speed, multimode optical fiber is a relatively wide mode in enterprise applications.

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