G&D electronic explosion-proof sound level meter use precautions

Explosion-proof sound level meter is the basic instrument of noise measurement, generally consisting of microphone, preamplifier, attenuator, amplifier, frequency weighting network and RMS indicator.
The explosion-proof sound level meter adopts advanced digital detection technology, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the instrument. The sound level meter has the advantages of simple operation and convenient use; it has the characteristics of large range dynamic range, large-screen liquid crystal digital display, automatic measurement and storage of various data.
Explosion-proof sound level meter use precautions
1. Notes
1) Read the instructions before use to understand the use and precautions of the instrument.
2) The instrument should be kept away from high temperature, humidity, sewage, dust and air or chemical gases containing high levels of hydrochloric acid and alkali.
3) Install the battery or external power supply to pay attention to the polarity, do not reverse the connection. Do not remove the battery for a long time to avoid leakage damage to the instrument.
4) Do not disassemble the microphone to prevent throwing and place it when not in use.
5) Do not disassemble the instrument. If the instrument is not normal, it can be sent to the repair unit or the factory for maintenance.
2. Sensitivity calibration
To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, calibration should be performed before and after use.
Match the sound level calibrator to the microphone, turn on the calibration power supply, read the value, adjust the noise meter sensitivity potentiometer, and complete the calibration.
3. Measurement method
When measuring, the instrument should select the correct gear position according to the situation. Both hands hold the noise meter on both sides, the microphone points to the sound source to be tested, and the extension cable and extension rod can also be used to reduce the influence of the noise meter and the human body on the measurement. The position of the microphone should be determined according to the relevant regulations.

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