LED explosion-proof light structure analysis

LED explosion-proof lamp structure analysis:

LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp. Its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof lamp, except that the light source is an LED light source. It refers to various specifics adopted to prevent ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas gas, etc. Measure lamps. LED explosion-proof light is currently the most energy-saving explosion-proof lighting, widely used in oilfield - power plant - chemical plant - oil - *

1) Structure of led explosion-proof light: Explosion-proof light is mainly composed of explosion-proof housing, led light source, driving power supply, glass protective net cover, cable pressing device, and mounting accessories.

2) led explosion-proof lamp explosion principle: led explosion-proof lighting explosion-proof principle and other conventional explosion-proof electrical explosion-proof principle, according to the site of hazardous locations, the led explosion-proof lamps can also be designed into different types of explosion-proof, to meet different explosive gases And dust environment needs.

1, the shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface of high-pressure electrostatic spray, resistant to strong corrosion;

2. The light source cavity adopts a linear heat sink, the heat dissipation area reaches 50CM2/W, the sectional heat dissipation structure increases the air convection 3, and the transparent parts are made of high-borosilicate physical toughened glass with light transmittance of over 95%, with high intensity and glare. Less, soft light 4, transparent parts can use flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass, to meet different modeling requirements 5, lamps can be used for lifting, wall mounting, bracket installation and other installation methods 6, led light using internationally renowned brand chips , Single light source luminous flux is higher than 120lm, the light source life is as long as 35000 hours above 7, led module luminous efficiency 100lm/W above, the lamp power factor is as high as 0.95

8, led light source color temperature standard 5700K, can be selected according to site requirements 9, the use of highly integrated LED driver IC, remove electronic interference, reduce the incidence of failure 10, the color rendering index of lamps is greater than 80Ra, reduce the visual fatigue of workers, improve Work efficiency, reduce accidents 11, aluminum base board thickness 1.6mm, thermal conductivity 2w/mk

12, shell electrostatic spray, exposed screws are all 304 stainless steel, improve the whole lamp anti-corrosion 13, the ambient temperature -25 ° to +55 °

14. Power supply with well-known brand power supply, intelligent constant current drive, breaking the bottleneck of the power supply lifespan 15. Rated voltage: AC100-240V Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz Protection level: IP65, Corrosion protection level: WF2

Four. led explosion-proof lamp applications should pay attention to what?

1) In the use of the site must be based on the appropriate choice of explosion-proof explosion-proof LED lights 2) in the case of electrification, can not open any part of the CCd97led explosion-proof lights 3) installation, the installation staff must have a certain degree of explosion-proof electrical principle 4) If there is a quality problem, contact our company in time, and you are not free to replace the internal components. Hongtan Electric Co., Ltd. Jintan City Limited: 24-hour telephone service

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