What are the common sprinkler nozzles?

As an indispensable accessory for sprinklers, there are many models of sprinkler nozzles on the market. Each type of sprinkler nozzle has its own unique function. When buying, it is necessary to consider where it is mainly used. Each sprinkler head is suitable for different vehicles, and there are many sprinklers that are national standard sizes that can be applied to all sprinklers. The following is a brief introduction to the more common four sprinkler nozzles.


A sprinkler head before the three bends.

The nozzle is made of aluminum alloy and its nominal pressure reaches 0.3Mpa. The width of the whole watering can reach 14 meters, and the head can reach 90 meters. The water that is sprayed can be adjusted to medium and heavy rain, drizzle, and even mist. It is characterized by the ability to freely adjust the direction of the rotary jet, even at any angle, during use.

Second, sprinkling sprinkler head sprinkler (spray rake).

In daily life, we are used to saying that the sprinkler is sprinkled after the sprinkler. This sprinkler not only has a wide overall spraying fan, but also has a particularly high pressure resistance. It is generally made of cast iron material, which can be rust-proof and corrosion-resistant as a whole. It is mounted on the tail of the sprinkler. The access port of the sprinkler is the universal size of the national standard: 50MM, which is 2 inches. The overall spray width of this sprinkler head is very long and can reach 14 meters. Due to its high spraying pressure, it is one of the first choices for spraying dust and flushing the road surface.


Third, shower sprinkler head.

The shower head is made of pure aluminum alloy and installed with external threads. Its characteristic lies in its wide range of spraying. It also has a nominal pressure of 0.3Mpa, a weight of 500g, an inner diameter of 50mm and an outer diameter of 60mm.

Fourth, duck mouth nozzle.

Duck mouth sprinklers are basically universal sprinklers, material is pure aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion rust. The nominal pressure is 0.3Mpa, and the specification is DN50 (mm). The most common thread attachment is used. The characteristic of this sprinkler nozzle is that the direction can be freely adjusted, and you can freely set up, down, left, and right by yourself. Adjust freely. The overall width of the sprinkler is 8 meters, and the left and right heads of the sprinkler are 15 meters.

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