10 tons of tank car spot promotions, low-cost incoming!

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Has been imitated, never been exceeded! I am quality! I am the trump card! Let imitation be more violent! ! !

Still worrying about not getting a good quality and cheap tanker?

Buy a car do not have to go west, Xigong Chu wins everything!

Still hesitating to apply for a house after the car purchase?

To collect Chu workers to buy oil trucks, it is not a thing!

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng 3800 wheelbase multi-card 8 ton 10 refueling car, equipped with Chaochai 136 horsepower/Yuchai 150 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, air brake, direction assist, 825 wire tire, with front plate, speed limit, ABS ;

Top-loading configuration: Top-loading tank volume 10.44-12 cubic meters, equipped with European standard complete system (European standard tank mouth, emergency valve shut-off valve, oil loading, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow system), with positive star tanker, tanker Hanging side, tool box, movable tread plate walkway, movable folding guardrail, two fire extinguishers, and the rest of the factory are standard. Meet the announcement of the vehicle's overall shape and tank size.

Our service philosophy:

1 satisfied customer = 4-5 business opportunities

100 satisfied customers = 25 new customers

1 customer complaint = 20 dissatisfied customers

We are not pursuing the profits of a single car!

Our service aim is: to survive by quality, reputation is guaranteed! Integrity, flexible management, high quality and low price, pay attention to efficiency! Warmly welcome new and old friends to visit our factory! Service Hotline

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