Wet and wet sweeper

Driven by the efforts to create a civilized and healthy city, the mechanization rate of pavement cleaning operations in various cities in China has rapidly increased. Many cities have swept their way from scratch in a few years, from small to large, from single species to diverse species. In addition, the development of highways in China has also played a role in fueling the widespread use of sweepers in China. At present, China's road sweepers not only develop from large and medium-sized cities to small cities, but also develop towards expressways and have developed into stations, docks, parks, communities, schools, and institutions. China's road sweeper sales have also grown rapidly. In order to increase everyone's understanding of road sweepers, I did a brief introduction.

Wet and wet dual-use road sweeper introduction, working principle and applicable occasions First, the meaning of the first we look at what is a dry sweeper and wet sweeper? Dry sweeper: dry sweeper adopts dry dust removal method, that is, the sweeper does not spray water during the dust removal process. Therefore, the dry sweeper must be installed in the dustbin or the air duct. Device. When a dry sweeper sweeps, a large amount of waste that is inhaled from the mouthpiece enters the waste container, and the drastic decrease in wind speed in the waste box causes the natural sedimentation, and the inhaled light-weight fine dust passes through the air flow. The filter is trapped by the filter. Depending on the type of filter used in the sweeper, some dry sweepers can use water jet dust to counter sweep, while some dry sweepers cannot use water jet dust to prevent the filter from plugging. The wet sweeper: The wet sweeper adopts the wet dust removal method, that is, the sweeper uses the water spray dust at the suction nozzle and the suction pipe except during the cleaning operation. The purpose of spraying the dust at the sweeping point is to make the sweeping vehicle not dust when the sweeping operation is performed, and spray dust at the suction nozzle and the suction pipe so as to make the fine dust sucked through the suction nozzle in the water mist. Wet, agglomerate into larger volumes of particles for settling in the bin. So, wet and dry dual-use sweeping vehicles are the combination of the two, which can achieve waterless sweeping, and can also be used to sweep dust in areas where there is more dust, perform sweeping, achieve wet sweeping function, and reduce dust.

The working principle of the wet and dry sweeper is the same as that of a general sweeper , but the sweeping method can be adjusted in different environments and the vehicle can be cleaned as much as possible. Vacuum power system consists of sub-engine, transmission system, fan and other wet and dry sweeper trucks. The auxiliary engine is Cummins EQ6B T5.9 diesel engine, which can adapt to harsh environment and have good reliability. The engine directly drives the hydraulic oil pump, which has a compact structure and high transmission efficiency. The transmission system consists of the clutch and its operating mechanism, transmission shaft, pulleys and bearing seats; the fan manufactured according to the Danish company's proprietary technology is selected, and the blades are wear-resistant. Materials, and have a good self-cleaning ability.

Cleaning: The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and fan. The hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right reticle to retract, lift, and rotate. Scrub the left and right sides to sweep the trash on both sides to the front of the suction nozzle. The fan creates a high-speed air flow through the air duct formed by the waste container, the suction pipe and the suction nozzle. Under the effect of the air flow, the waste is sucked into the suction nozzle and enters the waste container. Chassis engine drives the sweeper to walk forward. Rubbish that sweeps to the front of the nozzle continuously enters the suction nozzle and is continuously sucked into the bin to clean the road surface. Left and right sweeps adopt the sweeping vehicle sweeper which has obtained the national patent and has anti-collision avoidance function. It can clean the road and wash the road along the stone facade. 3. The applicable area is applicable to all parts of the country and exports. It is mainly used for road sweeping operations in cities, highways, airports, and docks. According to the size of the local area of ​​use and the environment, different road tolls with different tonnages can be selected.

Wet and wet dual-use road sweeper selection 1, road sweeper removal system consists of the main brush, side brush and dustbin, the side brush requires the acceptance of dense high-grade materials made of springs, which can effectively play Live the blow and further cover the brush wheel. 2. Suction system: It is necessary to equip a high-powered fan so that the gas can be completely sucked into the housing filter dust collector. Such a filter container constantly shakes and oscillates during events, making it impossible to create signs of obstruction, such as jamming. 3. Garbage Dumping System: Dumping garbage from the road sweeper is accomplished through the control panel. Before dumping, the lid of the rubbish bin is closed, the control rod pulls forward, lifts the bin upside down, and when the rubbish bin is down, the control rod pushes forward to the same position. 4. The power system of the garbage sweeper is divided into diesel/gasoline, liquid propane gas, and battery. The drive system of the road sweeper is selected according to the nature of the site, the size of the area, the type of waste, the length of operation, etc., to meet the clean demand of different customers. The use of the diesel/gasoline drive model depends on the necessary clean environment and the type of waste. As a general rule, there is a large amount of waste, and a large area with low noise and environmental requirements is clean outdoors. Choose diesel/petrol type. 5, eliminate the process necessary to sprinkle water to suppress dust, so, the size of the tank directly determines the length of continuous operation: the tank is too large, in addition to occupying the entire vehicle space, the growth of the box layout is beautiful, but also relatively reduce the space for waste settlement, impact Settlement results and the amount of garbage network; the water tank is too small, the number of renewal in the middle of the road increases, and the efficiency of the sinking is low. The suction sweeping road sweeper includes a water tank, a drain valve, a water injection port, a water pump, a spray head, and a solenoid valve. While increasing manufacturing costs, it also increased the rate of impediment.

Road sweeper maintenance 1. In order to avoid mistakes, the sweeper control valve is mainly divided into the main valve and the secondary valve. Then where is the main difference between these two valves? The power of the main valve comes from the scanning board, and the power of the secondary valve comes from the auxiliary engine of the dedicated function part. Common road sweeper deputy engines include Chaochai, Jiangling and Cummins. The main valve manages the tilting of the shell behind the chassis and the hydraulic switch on the rear door of the compartment. The secondary valve manages the operation of the four floor brushes (which can individually control one side or all of the work) and the suction cup of the sweeper. 2. The secondary engine of the road sweeper is different because of the different power of the engine brand. However, the general speed is about 1500 to 1800 rpm. 3, according to the needs of the work, you can generally choose whether to use the water spray dust reduction function. Spray water, at the same time need to pay attention to the clean water tank is enough water, the general clean water tank capacity is different, the working time may have a gap. 4. The pressure adjustment of the electromagnetic multi-way valve of the road sweeper is generally on the overflow valve. The user can adjust the pressure appropriately to change the speed of the sweep brush. 5. In addition, the sweeping vehicle can select whether the left side brush and the right side brush of the vehicle work at the same time according to the road conditions. If sweeping the corners of the road, only one side of the corner brush can be turned to work. 6. The dust bin of the sweeping vehicle may be small. The dust deposits, when cleaning the trash, require manual manual handling. 7. The distance between the suction cup of the sweeping vehicle and the ground should be adjusted frequently according to the conditions of the road section. 8, sweeping vehicles vacuum tube may often have dust and mud adhesion, need to be cleaned regularly to achieve better results. 9, the electrical parts of the control box need to be replaced in order to use a more stable, it is best to remove one for one. 10. Sanitation workers should regularly check whether the functional parts are normal. 11. To prevent the foreign matter in the hydraulic oil from affecting the normal operation of the electromagnetic control valve, the sanitation workers should regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is normal.

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