East Line Bali Bay pumping station project to overcome a number of technical problems

The east line of the Nansi Lake to the Dongping Lake section of the Bayiwan pumping station project is located in Dongping Lake, Dongping County, Shandong Province flood detention area, the construction conditions are very complicated. Construction and Management Department of Baliwan Pump Station and Construction Project Department adopted a variety of new technologies such as deep-mixing cut-off wall, suspended cut-off high-cut cutoff wall, reinforced concrete underground continuous wall, hydraulic grab slotting machine and other new technologies, Overcoming the practical difficulties such as high groundwater level, complicated geological structure and difficult construction, it overcomes the construction technical problems such as water drainage and drainage works, excavation of foundation pit and underground continuous wall, and ensures the smooth implementation of the project. The timely cleaning up of silt 4 m deep in the earth's surface and hundreds of thousands of kilograms of reed root are the first problems encountered in excavation. Bali Bay pumping station project is located in Dongping Lake sub-hysteresis Yellow River flood near the mouth of the low-lying, perennial water, the formation of more than 4 meters deep wetlands. Taking the construction task for many years, Dongping Lake Engineering Bureau, drawing on its years of experience in construction, draws lessons from the Yellow River dredging method and adopts the replacement soil mode of "digging out one side of mud and backfilling one side of dry soil", forcing 30,000 square feet of mud and back Shoulder pick out 100,000 kilograms of reed root, and ultimately completed the 120,000 cubic meters of foundation excavation task. Dewatering of foundation pit excavation is the second problem encountered in engineering construction. Bali Bay pumping station close to Dongping Lake detention basin two lake embankment, levee outside the elevation of 42.5 meters, pumping station floor elevation of 24.95 meters, both elevation 17.55 meters, not only the difficulty of precipitation, but also worried about the impact of seepage belt sand lake Dike safety. In response to this major technical issue, the Bayiwan Pumping Station Construction Management Bureau and the Construction Project Department invited the foundations experts of the water conservancy sector to meet twice on the spot to discuss technical issues and adopted expert suggestions to construct a drainage system. First, the implementation of cut-off wall of water blocking, in the pumping station floor around the pit to build 540 meters long 30 meters deep cut-off wall to prevent surface water and groundwater infiltration. Second, the implementation of deep well drainage, drilling 38 meters deep 30-meter wells, 24-hour non-stop pumping water level per day more than 15,000 cubic meters of drainage, maintaining a relatively low water level, making excavation to an elevation of 26 meters, still remain relatively dry The construction environment. Third, implement 24-hour observation of water drainage and timely detection of changes in the surrounding engineering and geography. In particular, attention should be paid to the changes of secondary lake embankments, timely detection of problems, elimination of hidden dangers and ensuring the safety of important buildings in the project and surrounding areas. In ensuring the security, security quality, security aspects, Bayiwan pumping station building management has taken a number of measures. First, to develop a detailed and meticulous work plan, inverted schedule, the Division completed the project time to date. The second is the implementation of the most stringent inspector system, team members and the Office of the person in charge take turns on duty, the implementation of 24-hour watch, timely detection of problems and solve problems. Third, implement the incentive mechanism to reward the construction team with good quality and fast progress and punish the construction team who can not complete the task on time with the quality and quantity. Fourth, do a good job security and mass work, the local police station and the Yellow River police station set up a joint Baylor Bay pumping station, on-duty police patrol 24 hours a day, do not let any details affect the progress of the project. Five is to give prominence to safety production, set up a full range of monitoring system at the site, ready to view the progress of construction, at any time to find out to eliminate potential safety problems.

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