Ha amount of successful development of three-dimensional gear detection software group

With the continuous improvement of CNC machining accuracy and machining ability, the users' requirements for the detection ability and the detection accuracy of complex workpieces are also getting higher and higher. The traditional one-dimensional gear detection technology has become increasingly unsatisfied in function and accuracy Requirements, and the current domestic gear measurement center in the three-dimensional high-end product market is still in a blank state. In order to meet the urgent market demand for advanced three-dimensional gear measurement technology, Harbin Institute of Technology re-examined the three-dimensional measurement model and developed the first LinkGear gear measurement center testing software in China that is suitable for the advanced three-dimensional space probe. The three-dimensional software for the amount of independent research and design Kazakhstan group, in the high-precision L65G gear measurement center and L30A gear measurement center products have been validated, and can adapt to the amount of Kazakhstan 3DS type, Renishaw SP600 and SP80H type A variety of models of three-dimensional probe sensor, cylindrical gears, spur bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, circular cylindrical gears, cycloid gears and other 14 kinds of workpiece measurement and error assessment, the measurement items more abundant, measurement methods More flexible, higher measurement efficiency, functional design is more humane. The successful application of 3D gear measurement technology in high-precision CNC gear measurement center products has filled the gap in our country and effectively strengthened the competitiveness of CNC gear measurement center in China in the high-end market, highlighting the company's independent innovation and development of new technologies Contribution, but also to promote and enhance the technical level of gear measuring instrument has made an important contribution. (Ha amount)

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