The service is carried out in the end. Yuchai and the dealers are not only working together for win-win cooperation.

Throughout the entire domestic engine industry, Yuchai 's mode of operation is very unique. More and more engine companies are marrying a whole machine factory to guarantee matching, and more and more whole machine factories are seeking self-sufficiency and developing a full set of spare parts on their own, and Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. has been unafraid for decades. Doing the engine, without any machine factory can rely on, under the pressure from peers and the whole plant, stand up independently and tenaciously, the mystery and hardship, non-word, can be clear . However, in Shaanxi through contact with distributors and end users, Yuchai's operation at the service level may give a little interpretation.

Cooperative R&D

The cooperation between Shaanxi Fengshang Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fashion) and Yuchai, a first-tier distributor of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, which was transformed from a state-owned automobile trading company, dates back to the 1990s. For over 20 years, Zhang Changli, general manager, witnessed the development of Yuchai in Shaanxi.

"From 1995 to 2000, Yuchai was still at a low point in the Shaanxi market. But by 2004, during the high growth period of the entire automotive industry, Yuchai seized the opportunity to start its rise. In 2011, Yuchai was in the Shaanxi market. Another peak period,” Zhang Changli’s review clearly outlined the breadth, depth, and depth of cooperation between Yuchai and its distributors. Here, Yuchai's relationship with distributors is far more than a concept of cooperation and win-win.

Zhang Changli said that when Dongfeng Hercules heavy trucks began to reload Yuchai engines from Cummins in 2011, the acceptance of Yuchai by users in the Shaanxi market was relatively low. A group of users purchased Dongfeng Hercules heavy trucks equipped with Yuchai engines at the recommendation of fashion. But soon some general problems have emerged and the water tanks are easily damaged. During that period of time, the fashion paid 11 water tanks for users. "If this continues, it will not work," Zhang Changli guided the company's maintenance service station to find the reasons. The original Dongfeng Hercules heavy truck water tank was originally designed by Cummins and was small in size. After the Yuchai engine with a larger volume is transferred, the ground clearance becomes smaller, and it is easy to scratch the tank on rough roads. The fashion was reported to Dongfeng Company and it was not answered in a timely manner. To find Yuchai, service managers and office directors of Shaanxi Office came. Fashion and Yuchai talked about the decision to refit the water tank. Due to the need to apply for retrofitting at various levels, in order to grab the time, the director of Yuchai’s office at the time made a decision: No, you must change it first, and this fee will not be issued by the office! After some efforts, the fan position was adjusted, the tank was raised by 11 cm, and the water tank was successfully modified. The modification plan was reported to Dongfeng Company and was adopted by Dongfeng. After this incident, Yuchai’s configuration in Dongfeng Hercules has increased dramatically, from the blank at that time to 70%-80%.

In addition to joint research and development with car dealers, Yuchai Shaanxi Office also provides auto dealers with adequate supply of spare parts. Since 2009, the Yuchai Shaanxi Office has placed engine accessories worth more than 200,000 yuan in the fashion. The principle of settlement is to sell first. “This kind of spare parts configuration of Yuchai is now being learned by other manufacturers, but I guess they may not be able to learn it for a while,” Zhang Changli said. “One of the important reasons is that I think Yuchai people are particularly dedicated.” The same way of operation, there is a problem in other manufacturers: the safety of spare parts, safety problems, spare parts update is slow, resulting in a lot of bad inventory. Yuchai’s spare parts placed in fashion are Yuchai’s own arrivals each year. The return of unsaleable goods has relieved the pressure on dealers and ensured the timeliness of users' use.

Follow up support

The current commercial vehicle market in Shaanxi, Dongfeng and Yuchai are already strong brands. It is Yuchai's years of sincere cooperation with car dealers that shines with the splendor of today's Zhulian.

As a strategic distributor of Dongfeng and a key service station of Yuchai, Li Guanghua, general manager of Shaanxi Changkai Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Changkai) is also very familiar with the development of Yuchai. He said that Yuchai has today’s achievements. Strategically, the cooperation between Yuchai’s headquarters and Dongfeng Headquarters was successful; in terms of tactics, Yuchai’s local team performed the implementation of the car dealership.

Li Guanghua said that after the launch of the Yuchai 6M engine, Yuchai’s office did not directly look for service stations to arrange services, but provided services first. They work with service stations to analyze products and analyze the market. At the same time, Yuchai’s service has never been conditional or reasoned. It is all about solving the problem first. “We are also doing service maintenance work for several Dongfeng’s parts and components. Among these manufacturers, Yuchai’s management practices, settlement rules, and high credibility are all very strong.”

When analyzing Yuchai’s service advantages, Zhang Changli included “humanized management”. He told reporters that for some users and nodes that fall between compensation and non-complaint, Yuchai tends to do some humanization. Perform some compensatory compensation and care, and solve some practical problems for the user, so as to seize the customer and establish a reputation. "The current products tend to be homogenous in terms of technical performance. Whether they can effectively communicate with customers and provide quality services will determine the market share of products."

For this, Li Guanghua also deeply understands: “Every time I go to Yuchai’s headquarters to meet, the current director, former director, and former former director of the Shaanxi office, everyone comes to me to sit and talk and let me My heart was very warm, and it was supposed that there was no business relationship between these predecessors and me now, but at Yuchai, there was no sense in which anyone could feel cool.As a business manager, I was also thinking about this issue. Why Yuchai can To do this, how did they cultivate this style of work?"

Extending end users

Unlike its counterparts, especially general parts suppliers, Yuchai extends the customer concept to three levels: OEMs, vehicle dealers, and direct users. Although this kind of maintenance and service made Yuchai pay a lot of cost, the praise and reputation of users, especially the matching ratio, made it unmatched by other peers.

Shaanxi Shenmu Longde Mining Co., Ltd. purchased 20 units of Dongfeng Hercules heavy trucks equipped with Yuchai engines this year. Feng Yang, the team captain of the company, said, “We were looking at 6 brands at that time and we finally chose Dongfeng. Its self-weight is more suitable for use in the mining area. On the one hand, it also draws on our many years of car experience to fully understand the advantages of Dongfeng and Yuchai." The team's truck repairman He Liaobo also said that drivers have a good impression of Yuchai's engines, fuel economy, high power, and low noise. This is where Yuchai is superior to other brands. Feng Yang also told reporters that he had bought a Dongfeng equipped Yuchai engine, running 360,000 kilometers, the engine has not been overhauled.

Zhao Rongjun, general manager of Shaanxi Xianyang Xiqin Transportation Co., Ltd., said that since April of this year, the company has purchased fifteen Dongfeng LNG tractors equipped with Yuchai engines. In addition to the higher repair costs and the more expensive accessories, the company has LNG vehicles are still very satisfied. "These vehicles have not been overhauled so far and have earned more than half a year."

Shaanxi Lulin City Shenghua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Lu Xueyin, general manager told reporters that when users buy commercial vehicles, more than 80% of the engine will be allocated names. Shaanxi users have a high degree of awareness of Yuchai, and many users not only have their Yuchai engines assigned, but also directly indicate the number of horsepower. This year, the company’s 400 commercial vehicle sales, Yuchai engine configuration accounted for 70%. Users generally reflect that Yuchai's engines are solid, powerful, and cost-effective.

In 2013, sales of the Yuchai Shaanxi market hit new highs. According to the head of any of the Shaanxi office of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., this year, Yuchai's sales in the Shaanxi market have doubled. Which of these are accumulated by the car dealers' support and user's reputation. Only Yuchai people know the best.

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