Achieve green production vacuum drying equipment to contribute to low-carbon production

China National Chemical Machinery Network News: Drying is an important process in the pharmaceutical production process. The quality of the drying equipment directly determines the quality of the pharmaceutical. After more than ten years of development, the technical level of the drying equipment industry has been continuously improved, with the vacuum drying equipment relying on "green" The advantages gained by the market.

In recent years, the demand for drying equipment in medicine machines has gradually increased. In particular, the demand for larger-scale equipment in vacuum freeze-drying equipment and equipment with functional combinations (eg, granulation-drying, drying-filtration) is increasing, and highly automated drying equipment is also very popular in some application fields.

The vacuum drying unit is designed to dry heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized materials, and can be filled with inert gas. In particular, some of the components with complex composition can also be rapidly dried. Low oxygen content when drying under low pressure can prevent oxidation and deterioration of the material to be dried. It can dry dangerous materials that are flammable and explosive. It can vaporize the moisture in materials at low temperature, and it is easy to dry heat-sensitive materials. It can recover the materials that are being dried. Valuable and useful ingredients; can prevent the release of toxic and hazardous substances from the dried material and can be an environmentally friendly type of "green" drying.

Compared with the current commonly used oven drying method, spray drying method, etc., the vacuum continuous dryer is a product that can guarantee the product quality is much higher than other drying methods.

Industry insiders pointed out that domestic companies have accelerated the study of vacuum drying technology, which has reduced energy consumption to a certain extent, reduced pollution, brought more benefits and value to society, and made due contribution to the realization of green production and low-carbon production. contribution.

In general, the drying equipment industry in China has begun to enter a relatively mature stage, and it can better meet the actual needs of users in various fields. At this stage, however, the vacuum dryer revolution in China has not yet been successful. The importance of drying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is gradually increasing. In particular, the demand for larger-scale equipment and equipment with functional combinations in vacuum freeze-drying equipment is increasing. Related companies should carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation to achieve catch-up.

Air Filter is an important Nitrogen Generator parts and components, they are used to get rid of waters from the compressed air provided by Air Compressor, Air filter also removes the dust and the oil, getting clean and dry air for the nitrogen generator. It is very important for the whole system of nitrogen/oxygen generator.There are three levels of air filters needed for a nitrogen generation system.

Nitrogen Generator Use Air Filters

For nitrogen generator, normally there are three levels air filters, C T A levels, the filtration level goes higher and higher. At the outlet of last air filter, the dust diameter can be 0.01 um.  Because the air filter is used to block impurities, so the dust, water,etc is blocked in the filter element, so the filter element should be replaced after one year operation.

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