Metal hose industry: facing pressure in the financial crisis, but the overall situation is upward

Since the second half of the year, with the joint efforts of all parties, the financial crisis has gradually disappeared. The overall situation of the ceramic industry has been stabilizing, but the pressure and challenges are still there. In fact, due to various reasons, some of the deep-seated contradictions and problems that have accumulated during the development of the metal hose industry in China not only emerged, but also exposed the key points and difficulties for future development.

Lead to excessive investment in serious excess capacity is widespread, and the industry concentration is low, the irrational structure, big but not strong problem is very prominent.

The self-innovation ability of enterprises lacks sufficient stamina, emphasizes lightness, and invests less. They only care about immediate interests and do not care about long-term development. The homogenization of products is still relatively obvious.

The pressure of energy-saving and emission-reduction facing metal hose enterprises is still heavy, and there is still a gap between the unit energy consumption and resource utilization ratio of the products compared with the international advanced level. At the same time, the cost of the company is still high.

The development level and the scale of enterprises in China's metal hose enterprises are uneven, and the overall competitiveness of the industry needs to be strengthened.

In response to the economic crisis triggered by the financial crisis, a series of favorable policies and measures such as the expansion of domestic demand for growth and the increase of export tax rebate rate were issued in a timely manner, which drove the domestic market to a great extent, resulting in positive reductions in metal hose enterprises' loss reduction and recovery. Impact has played an important role. However, the recovery of the market requires a process, especially the international market, and companies have experienced the baptism of the financial crisis, and recovery will take some time, so the effect cannot be immediate. "Rinzai" may continue to exist for a long period of time. The metal hose enterprises must correct their attitude, take seriously, actively respond to and actively carry out structural adjustment, and accumulate sufficient energy and power for the leap-forward development in the post-crisis era.

At present, China’s economy has entered a crucial period of stabilization and recovery, but the foundation for economic recovery is still not solid, and so is the metal hose industry. Although the domestic market has shown positive signs of recovery and recovery, and the effects of stimulating the economy have begun to show up, the rapid expansion of metal hose companies in recent years and the release of new production line production capacity will also take place within the next year or two. Competition will be even fiercer. The recovery of the international market is more time-consuming. Although the domestic market is vast, many metal hose companies have a very high proportion of exports, and their dependence on the international market remains high.

Pain and hope coexist, contradictions and changes intertwine, crisis and opportunity coexist. Metal hose enterprises must not only have sufficient psychological preparation, but also should make adequate material preparations, such as adjusting the structure to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, increase investment in innovation to enhance product competitiveness, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce consumption and increase efficiency, and open up the domestic market. Enhance the network extension channels, strengthen brand building, increase brand value, and promote the internationalization of brands.

In short, the attitude of the metal hose enterprises in the face of the financial crisis will determine the pace and destiny of the enterprises after the crisis. The crisis will eventually become the moment of history and the pace of development will not stop. Metal hose companies that can stop at the tide after the storm subsides will be more healthy, more mature and more beautiful.

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