Cheng Bing: The downstream demand for LED lighting will increase

LED screen network reported on March 21, according to the Voice of Economics "Transaction Reality" report, Guo Jin Securities electronic components industry analyst Cheng Bing guest "transaction situation" for everyone to analyze the investment opportunities of electronic components industry, Cheng Bing thinks LED lighting Downstream demand may increase.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, touch screens, superbooks, LEDs, new energy, thin films, and capacitors are all areas that Chengbing is optimistic this year. At the same time, he believes that there is no problem with the order of the touch screen this year. In addition, the tendency of notebooks, casings, and light and thin also makes the demand for metal casings grow at a high speed.

Cheng Bing: LED lighting depends on two, the first is downstream, the main reason is the cost, now the cost of LED lights per watt is only 3 dollars, so the price of LED lights is several times worse than the energy-saving lamps, probably It is double the space. We sell a LED light and buy an energy-saving lamp. The price is also doubled. It is also a good one. Second, the degree of acceptance has increased a lot. Everyone feels that there is no problem in buying this thing. The most important thing about lighting is civil lighting. This light has nothing to do with the policy. Buy lighting, incandescent, energy-saving or LED lights. It is better to buy LED lights now. Because of the power saving, the same 15 watt energy-saving lamp can be used with a 3 watt lamp, which can save 80% of electricity.

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