Dongfeng School Bus passed the window safety escape test

On March 12th, Dongfeng Bus Company under Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. carried out a window escape test for the EQ6666S4D long head school bus. The experimental results showed that the two car window safety escape programs used in this school bus were under emergency conditions. Can effectively play a role in helping the crew to escape smoothly.

According to the new national school bus standards, safety hammers must be installed in school buses. From the perspective of paying attention to the safety of schoolchildren, in order to fully verify the reliability of such safety facilities, Dongfeng Bus Company recently implemented a window safety escape test for school buses to verify the safety hammer and electronically controlled glass breaking device on the Dongfeng School Bus. Whether the two programs can help people escape smoothly.

The reporter saw at the test site that the tester could remove the safety hammer with a little effort. At the same time, the safety hammer alarm installed in a fixed position sounded a continuous alarm sound, warning that the safety hammer had been removed from the fixed area. When the tester hits the glass with a sharp end of the safety hammer, the glass cracks instantaneously into obtuse particles, opening the emergency exit for passengers in the compartment.

In addition, Dongfeng Bus Company conducted tests on the reliability of Dongfeng School Bus's electronically controlled glass breakage system. The tester opened the protective cover on the blast button to prevent misoperation, pressed the blast button, and the energy storage battery was connected to the action circuit and installed in the car. The shock wave energy generated by the electronically controlled glass breaking device on the window glass contacts the window glass and in less than one second instantaneously breaks the entire piece of tempered glass. Tempered glass pieces did not splatter, but formed a honeycomb-like crack on the entire piece of glass.

The electronically controlled glass breaking device used in this test is dedicated to the Dongfeng School Bus. It uses China's military-grade safety technology. The control circuit adopts an integrated sealed design. It has dust-proof, fire-proof and waterproof performance and antistatic properties. . The electronically controlled glass breaking device installed on the school bus has a service life of up to eight years, and is of reliable quality and safety. At the same time, in order to ensure that the electronically controlled glass breakage device functions in an emergency, a protection device is provided for the blasting button to prevent other personnel from arbitrarily damaging it.

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