He Guangyuan: The gear industry should create its own core technology

On December 1-2, the 2012 China Gear Industry Development Summit was held in Qianshan, Anhui. Under the new circumstances, what are the opportunities for the development of the gear industry, which is one of the main forces for independent innovation in the key components of the domestic automobile industry? The representatives of the gears and related industries from the conference have conducted enthusiastic discussions on industrial transformation and upgrading, independent innovation, and integration of the two. As a veteran of the machinery industry, former Minister of Machinery Industry He Guangyuan also put forward his own expectations for the Chinese gear industry: “We should clearly recognize that China’s economic development is in an extremely important period of important strategic opportunities and seize the opportunity to seize the gear industry in the economy. Historical development opportunities in the transition process."

As the mechanical industry is also a key component of the automotive industry, automotive gear accounts for 42% of the output value of the entire gear industry and plays a decisive role. After analyzing the relevant data and operating laws of the domestic gear industry in recent years, Zhang Wei, general manager of Beijing North Gear Co., Ltd. and Chen Xianyu, a gear industry expert, pointed out that the production and sales growth rate of the gear industry slowed down and the overall asset contribution rate was slowed down. The reduction has greatly affected the sustained and healthy development of the entire industry. The Chinese gear industry has already reached the crossroads of continuing to rely on simple aggregate growth to repeat development or relying on innovation to drive sustainable development.

Zhou Nan, deputy director of the Planning Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out in his speech that at present, China is confronted with multiple contradictions between overcapacity and market space constraints, high-intensity resource and environment consumption and constrained hardened heads, and uncompleted industrial upgrades and changes in labor force structure. The competition between traditional industries and emerging industries has emerged at the same time. The future industrial revolution requires a fundamental change in the mode of production.

The reporter noticed that in an article published in the US's "Defense News" magazine, which was recently published on December 1, a series of underestimates from the US defense experts on the possibility of new types of aircraft carriers such as China's aircraft carriers and stealth fighters appearing in the near future. In misjudgment, China pointed out that China has made tremendous technological progress with little outside force. At the summit, Song Jing, a network information expert from the AVIC Automation Institute, introduced that in recent years, AVIC has been implementing enterprise information construction with business process automation IT and process synchronization advancing and co-construction as the core. It used to take many years. The hard-to-find project can now be completed in a short period of time, enabling the company's core capabilities to increase significantly.

In fact, not only our country’s aerospace industry, but also several cases in other fields have pointed out: The road of “intensity of integration” with the informationization of industrialization and the promotion of informatization with industrialization, and the path of new industrialization are also the same as China’s The direction of the industry's efforts. In an interview with reporters, Li Shengqi, secretary-general of the China Gear Professional Association, said that the core of the "integration of the two industries" is the support of information technology. With innovation as the driving force and key technologies as the breakthrough, the Chinese gear industry will surely find a new situation. A path to achieve sustainable development across industries.
"Discarding all illusions and relying on independent innovation to create core technologies that belong to the Chinese people's own industry." This is He Guangyuan's statement to the Chinese Gear People. He pointed out very professionally that the gear industry must firmly grasp the anti-fatigue long-life manufacturing process. The common key technologies for the development of industries such as the design and auto industrialization of self-owned brands are maximizing the capability of independent innovation in the entire industry chain.

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