Pump industry terminology in Chinese and English

Pump industry terminology in Chinese and English a muscular pump->n.muscle pump

Bicycle pump->n. bicycle pump

Boiler feed pump->n. boiler feed pump

Booster pump->n. booster pump; booster pump

Carbonator pump->n.

Cargo pump->n.

Circulating pump->n. circulating pump; circulating pump

Compressive pump->n.electric compression pump

Flushing pump->n.flushing pump;supply pump

Flushing water pump->n.

Fuel pump->n.fuel pump

Heat pump->n.heat pump

Ink pump->n.ink pump

Irrigation pump->n. irrigation pump

Pump capital into->v. substantial investment

Pump control->n. pump control

Pump from->v. extract from

Pump into->v. pump into

Pump operated orange juice system->n.

Pump out->v.

Pump priming policy->n.

Pump swing forward->v.

Pump up->v.

Pumping head->n. total head; pump head

Pumping main->n. pump station

Pumping station->n.pump station;pumping station

Water pump->n.

Capacity pump->n. pump for oil supply

Pump back to->vt. pump back

Pump away->vi.

Electron pump->n.electronic pump

Hand pump->n. hand pump

Sensible pump->n. practical slippers

Pump up about->vt.

Pump sth from->vt.

Pump one"s chest->vt.press someone's chest

Lubricating oil primary pump->n.

Pump drive shaft->n. pump drive shaft

Tilting cylinder block type axial plunger pump->n.

Pump sth into->vt. to charge something; infuse something

Pump sth out of->vt. to get something from; extract something; extract something

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