Grinding classification of ball mill

The grinding operations of ball mills are roughly divided into four categories: dissociative grinding, comminuted grinding, scrubbing grinding, and ultra-fine grinding. There are many types of grinding and various grinding requirements are different. Different types of grinding require different types of ball mills to complete the grinding task, so it is necessary to understand the parameters of the ball mill.
Ball Mill Grinding Particle Size Properties: At present, the cost of self-granularity treatment of ore rock is relatively high. The operating parameters of the ball mill have a great influence on the mechanical state of the ball mill. Therefore, the mechanical state of the ball mill is an adjustable factor. Different grinding processes have Different nature and purpose.
The media parameters of the ball mill: The parameters of the ball mill vary greatly during the grinding process, and the problems are complicated. In the course of operation, no matter what movement the steel ball does, only the steel ball is associated with the fragmentation of the mineral pellets, and the dynamics of the steel ball are linked with the breaking behavior, so that the media work can be done well. First, increase the selectivity of mineral dissociation. Second, to improve the granular composition of grinding products. Third, improve the energy conversion efficiency of the media. Fourth, reduce the media consumption of the ball mill. Fifth, improve the specificity of grinding.
Only the clear fine grinding process features can improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the effective comminution of minerals. Due to the narrow range of fine grain size, relatively high requirements have been placed on the size of grinding media. The uniformity of the ore particle size is not strong, the coarser the particle size of the same kind of ore, the worse the mechanical strength, the easier it is to grind, and the finer the particle size, the more difficult it is to grind.

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