Ethylene oxide and its downstream industries are valued in Southeast Asia

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China Drying Network News At present, the development of ethylene oxide and its downstream industries has attracted attention in Southeast Asia. The reason is that the long-distance transport of ethylene oxide raw materials is difficult. On the other hand, local petrochemical producers hope to further extend the industry. Chain, enhance corporate strength. Thanks to its resource advantages, after years of development, Southeast Asia has already formed a daily production base based on coconut oil. However, with the economic development, some powerful manufacturers are not satisfied with this, they hope to change the traditional single product structure by establishing the ethylene oxide industrial chain.

With the rapid economic growth in southeast Asia and the increasing cost competitiveness of manufacturing costs, together with the advent of the Chinese market, which is adjacent to Southeast Asia, multinational companies and local investors have increasingly invested in the petrochemical industry in the region. In particular, ethylene oxide and its downstream products such as surfactants and detergents have become bright spots in this wave of investment, and this phenomenon has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

In Malaysia, Optimistic Glycols, a subsidiary of Petronas, operates a 380,000-ton/year glycol plant in Terengganu, a 75,000-ton/year Ethanolamine plant and butanol plant, and built a complete coconut oil - oleochemical - surfactant product chain. The company plans to further strengthen its surfactant and detergent business by expanding its ethylene oxide production capacity.

In Singapore, Shell Chemicals is implementing a petrochemical complex project with 800,000 tons/year naphtha ethylene in Singapore's Buk Kong Island, and plans to increase ethylene oxide production capacity by its subsidiary ethylene glycol in Singapore by 2014. 80,000 tons/year.

In Indonesia, Indonesian ethylene producer Chandra Asri Petrochemical plans to implement the naphtha cracking expansion project in 2014, expanding the company’s ethylene production capacity from the current 600,000 tons/year to 1 million. Ton/year, a new set of ethylene oxide units was built at the same time.

In addition, Polychem Indonesia, the only ethylene oxide producer in Indonesia, plans to increase its ethylene oxide plant capacity from the current 44,000 tons/year to 84,000 tons in 2013. / Year, thus making Indonesia the largest supplier of ethylene oxide in the region. At the same time, the company will also establish a complete coconut oil - oleochemical - detergents and ethylene oxide as the leading fine chemical product chain.

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