JingSui will push the electric car not to shake the number policy

Shortly after the "Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning") was issued, Beijing and Guangzhou, which implemented the "restricted purchase" policy, had further news about the "not weltering" policy for private purchases of electric vehicles.

On July 12, Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, publicly stated that “In the future, Beijing’s electric vehicles will use a special license plate number, and private car owners who purchase pure electric vehicles will not need to shake hands.” Coincidentally, shortly before the announcement of the above-mentioned news, Guangzhou The city's relevant policies are also officially announced.

This series of policies is obviously the landing of the "plan," but the industry also has different views on local policies. According to Tie Zhihai, a researcher in the automotive industry productivity promotion center of the China National Circulation Productivity Promotion Center, “the main purpose of the purchase restriction is to control blockages, while Beijing and Guangzhou are promoting the sale of new energy vehicles while restricting the purchase of new cars. This is obviously contradictory and will further increase traffic pressure. ."

JingShu policy will go ahead

At the International Forum on Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation held on July 12th, Vice Minister of Science and Technology Cao Jianlin put it out: “In the future, Beijing’s electric vehicles will use a special license plate number, and private car owners who purchase pure electric vehicles will not need to shake hands.”

In fact, the news that Beijing Electric Vehicles will not implement the Yaohao policy has been reported for a long time. At the end of last year, the four ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced new policies for the promotion of new energy vehicles, and requested that pilot cities of new energy vehicles “open the green light” for electric vehicles and implement policies of unlimited purchase, no tils, and restrictions.

In May this year, Yan Aoshuang, director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said in an interview with the media, “In order to ensure the smooth progress of the trial run of electric vehicles, the municipal government has decided to set up a special section for electric vehicles. The number is expected to not participate in the shake.

To promote the development of electric vehicles in Beijing, it is a powerful policy to not shake the horns. The construction of supporting facilities is also a necessary condition.

It is understood that Beijing has already built 4 large and medium-sized charge and exchange stations in Gao'antun, Beituo City, Space Bridge and Majialou, as well as in Xizhimen Bridge, Hujialou, Datun, Yuejialou Bridge, Wanquanheqiao and other places. 15 charging pile groups. At the same time, parking spaces with charging facilities have been built in parking lots of residential quarters, office buildings and other buildings, and charging equipment for public parking lots has also been included in the plan.

Just before the announcement of the Beijing Electric Vehicle's need for a license plate on the Yaobao, media reports said: “Guangzhou’s related policies have also been formally introduced.”

It is reported that the "Trial Regulations for the Management of Medium and Small Passenger Cars in Guangzhou City (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" recently released "The New Energy Medium and Small Passenger Cars Compliant with the Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles of the State, Can Apply Directly to Obtain Incremental Allocation Indicators for Small and Medium-sized Passenger Cars" Has been written into it. This means that if the "Measures" are formally implemented, Guangzhou's electric vehicles will also enjoy "immunity", and they can use their hands without a shake.

Electric car welcomes policy green light

Obviously, this series of measures in Beijing and Guangzhou is the place where the "planning" is located.

The "Planning" pointed out that relevant regions must formulate specific implementation plans in light of the goals, tasks, and policies and measures set out in the plan, earnestly implement the organization, and ensure effective results.

“This policy has clearly given a green light to the introduction of electric cars in some of the cities that have restricted purchases.” Wang Binggang, head of the supervision and advisory expert group for the National 863 Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Major Project, said.

At the same time, the "planning" also pointed out that by 2015, the cumulative production and sales volume of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will strive to reach 500,000; by 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 2 million. Accumulated production and sales exceeded 5 million.

In Wang Bing-gang's opinion, it is crucial that the 500,000 missions can be completed. He believes: “If 500,000 vehicles can be successfully implemented, it will prove that the supporting facilities for electric vehicles in China are complete, people’s acceptance of electric vehicles is already high, and the realization of 5 million vehicles in the future is only a matter of pushing water.” Beijing and Guangzhou Restricting the purchase of cities to implement special policies for new energy vehicles has, to a certain extent, promoted the development of such models and has played a positive role in the realization of 500,000 vehicles.

However, while governments at all levels from the central government to local governments are pushing for the rapid development of new energy vehicles, some experts have expressed different views.

Tie Zhihai said, “The main purpose of the purchase restriction is to control the blockage, while Beijing and Guangzhou promote sales of electric vehicles at the same time as the restriction of purchase. This is obviously contradictory.” He believes that the development of electric vehicles is conducive to environmental protection. The source of electricity is still thermal power. Although there is no emission problem for electric vehicles, the root cause is only to advance the pollution process.

From this we can see that advancing new energy vehicles will be a huge and complex project, and many links are still urgently needed.

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