The 863 technical plan undertaken by Zheng Textile Machinery passed the appraisal

Recently, the expert committee consisting of Henan Provincial Information Industry Department, Zhengzhou University, Henan Electronic Planning Research Institute and other relevant experts, the national 863 high-tech project undertaken by Zhengzhou Textile Machinery, "the textile machinery enterprise information system supporting product innovation" Integrated development was carried out to identify the results.
After listening to the project work report, technical report and field test, the experts believe that the project proposes the integration plan, technical route and secondary development method of PDM/CAPP/ERP, and establishes the integration of running PDM management data. The mechanism has realized the great integration of the domestic 863 recommended information software; the advanced modern manufacturing equipment platform with CAD/CAM integration has been built; the innovation has been realized in the implementation method and engineering management of the information engineering. The project provides technical guidance for the information construction of the textile machinery industry, and lays a good foundation for the implementation of scientific and information management. It has reached the domestic leading level in the comprehensive realization of PDM/CAPP/ERP information integration in domestic discrete manufacturing.

This slinky production machine is used to for spiral winding of die-stamped strip of sheet iron. It is consisted of frame, slinky tooling, transmission mechanism and electric control system. During operation, manually load the material into the slinky tooling. Then set the related parameter and press start button. Machine will do all the process. After that, manually unload the material. 

slinky production line

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